Servants of Jesus the Priest need your help

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The Servants of Jesus the Priest, a community of women consacrated to the contemplative life for the santification and apostolate of priests must raise €300,000—just half of the total funds necessary for the building works at their convent in Casarrubios del Monte, Spain, under the patronage of St Joseph.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, 12 March 2022, after having received Holy Communion, fifteen joyful Servants said farewell to the town of Griñón, where our congregation was first established and headed to the place that St. Joseph, with paternal solicitude, had provided for us in Casarrubios del Monte — with the generous charity offered by the SSPX. A stunning spot, a real haven of peace and silence, ideal for our contemplative life...


On that unforgettable morning, the Community gathered at the gate of the entrance, which was blessed by Rev. Fr. Amozurrutia, superior of the Autonomous House of Spain and Portugal, accompanied by Rev. Fr. Elías while singing the Asperges. This was followed by a solemn Te Deum and Magnificat. We processed through every room in the house while Father Amozurrutia sprinkled each area with holy water. Finally, Father Amozurrutia announced that the name the convent had been given by the Superior General of the SSPX, Rev. Fr. Davide Pagliarani was that of Saint Joseph. We had expected no less!

We have provisionally settled in a prebuilt house in the property. Despite being rather spacious for a family, it does not suffice for a religious Community. Some refurbishment needs to be done. So far we have secured our cloister by closing the porch with French windows, allowing us to set up the temporary Chapel. We have put great care and diligence into the decor, so our Divine King can dwell with dignity amongst us. We trust God will also allow us shortly to begin the construction of our cells, parlour and permanent chapel.

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Joseph bless you and repay your charity in helping us with building of this convent in his honour, so that we can continue our religious life, offered for priests.

Rev. Jakub Elías explained the essence of the vocation of the Servants of Jesus the Priest in a sermon to the Community on the feast of St. Joseph, 19 March 2022:

Dear sisters, you have experienced this situation, and know the story much better than me, so you can now remember and thank God for all the blessings and learn a lesson from the experience for the future. You are now in this new house and the duty is to make this house like Nazareth, which is, in one word, a home where our Lord Jesus Christ will lead, reign, and be loved and not offended; a home perfumed with virtue, prayer, work for Christ. A home whose Mother and Lady will be our Most Holy and Most Pure Virgin Mary. May our Lord take pleasure in dwelling here! He shall live, and already really lives, in the Eucharist under your humble roof. Every day he will offer here to the Father his most holy Sacrifice. May our Lord, when He comes in His glory, be able to say: “Here I rejoiced, here was my home, this was my favourite place on earth!”

You, dear Sisters, can and must continue here the mission of St. Joseph. This place should be a continuation of the silence, the hidden life and the virtues of the house of Nazareth. Its special charism and spirituality is the Priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the service to the Priestly Heart of Jesus, Priest and Victim, and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which was perfectly united with the sacrifice of Jesus. Precisely in this aspect they can unite themselves to the mission of St. Joseph, and in the silence of their religious life prepare the work of priests in the world and carry it forward as a hidden engine.

No success of Christ's workers in the world, no conversion, no religious or priestly vocation, no true ecclesiastical work, grows by the noise of external works, but by the silence of prayer, of the interior life. Therefore, every priest and every apostolic worker must live the interior life and always return to the silence of prayer. It is their privilege to live the contemplative life without exterior distractions, and thus they can prepare for the priestly work of our Lord and water their field without interruption with torrents of graces.

Of your charity, please support the Servants of Jesus the Priest with a donation and with your prayers.



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