New! Educating A Child: The Art of Arts Vol I by Fr. Joseph Duhr SJ

Source: District of Great Britain

Educating A Child: The Art of Arts Vol I

by Father Joseph Duhr SJ

Published for the first time in English (translated from the French by Peadar Walsh), Educating a Child: The Art of Arts by Father Joseph Duhr SJ (327 pages) is a must-read for all parents and educators who want to understand the essential role they must play as God’s co-operators in the education of children.

In this first volume (of two). Father Duhr begins by laying out the goal of education, which is to gradually form the child physically, intellectually and morally, teaching him to master his instincts and passions, so that he will one day be capable of leading himself. Ultimately, it is to establish God as Master and King in this soul created by Him for His Greater Glory and destined to find its perfection and happiness in possessing Him.

Having laid the foundations, Father then describes the family environment which is favorable to the blossoming of the child. Finally, he looks at authority, its origin and purpose, and how to use it in order to bring the child to be what God wants him to be.

Father Joseph Duhr (1885-1961) was a Jesuit from Wormeldingen, Luxembourg, who spent most of his adult life in Mumbai, India, where he was teacher, Principal and Rector at the prestigious Jesuit-run Saint Xavier’s College.