St. Saviour's House


St. Saviour's House
St. Agnes Avenue

Tel: 0117 977 5863
[email protected]
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Resident Priests
Rev. Fr. John McLaughlin (Prior)
Rev. Fr. Lawrence Barret

St. Saviour's House is the Retreat House of the District. The buildling was originally an Anglican convent built at the end of the nineteenth century. It has an exquisite chapel and also includes residential flats for faithful who wish to attend daily Mass and live close to the Blessed Sacrament.

Retreat & Conference Schedule 2021

Feb 8-13 Priests' Retreat
Mar 6 Lenten Day of Recollection
Mar 22-27 Passion Retreat
May 3-8 Marian Retreat
Jun 25-27 Married Couples' Retreat
Jul 12-17 Men's Ignatian Retreat
Aug 2-7 Women's Ignatian Retreat
Aug 20-22 Founder's Conference
Sep 10-12 Men's Ignatian Recollection
Oct 8-10 Women's Ignatian Recollection
Dec 4 Advent Recollection

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Ignatian Retreats

Attending the St. Ignatius exercises for the first time can be a life-changing experience. The Ignatian Retreat can reveal to us how far our soul has slipped from a true love of God and from appreciating how much He loves us. This comes as a shock even to those who regularly attend SSPX Masses, go to Confession fairly often, say the rosary daily and generally consider themselves to be good practising Catholics.  

The first part of the retreat opens our eyes to the gap between our own comfortable assessment of our spiritual life and the reality of how we have bent God to suit our lifestyle rather than fitting our lifestyle to what God wants of us.  Be warned that this can be a salutary experience!  

The second part of the retreat shows us how to make a resolution to love God more; taking the necessary steps to save our souls. 

The Ignatian Retreat represents what could be the final opportunity to cleanse our souls (remember: we do not know the hour of our death) and every Catholic really should seize the chance to attend before it is too late.

Please note that the Retreat will not be offered unless five or more attendees have registered at least two weeks before commencement.

General information about retreats

Suggested donations

£ 150.00 for retreats; £ 15 one day recollection; £ 60 three days retreat (two nights); £ 60 Youth conferences. The inscription form and a deposit (NOT refundable) of £ 30 (Ignatian retreat); £ 15 (3 days retreat, Youth conferences) must be send at least TWO weeks before the start of the event.

Please note that application forms must be completed to book for a Retreat and received at least two weeks in advance by email to [email protected] of by post at the above address.

Please bring

  • alarm clock
  • towel, soap and personal toiletries
  • rosary and Missal (Chapel veil for ladies)
  • umbrella (as needed)
  • bed linen or sleeping bag
  • simple attire suitable for a religious house, which means no shorts for men, and modest dresses or skirts, but no trousers, for women.


view gallery of the chapel and house
view gallery of Bishop Fellay's visit 25th Sep 2016