St. Edmund Campion Catechism Group - Series 2 Lesson 2

Who is man?

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1. Know the definition of Man:

  • Material Cause (what he is made of): body
  • Formal Cause (what is his principle of unity & operation): soul
  • Efficient Cause (how he is made): parents prepare the matter, God infuses the soul
  • Final Cause (what he is for): union with God


2. Understand the different orders of creation:

  • inanimate
  • living plant (nutrition, growth, reproduction)
  • living irrational animal (plus sense knowledge: 5 ext. senses, 4 int. senses)
  • living rational animal (plus intellect & will)
  • living spiritual (just intellect & will)

  • man before the fall
  • man after the fall


3. Know the following definitions:

  • faculty: a power, or principle of acting (everything that you do requires a faculty)
  • intellect: the power of knowing the essence of things
  • will: the power that directs actions towards the aquisition of good
  • virtue: a good habit or a disposition to do good
  • passion: the act of a sensitive appetite (types: concupiscible [love, desire, pleasure; hatred, aversion, sorrow], irascible [hope, despair, daring, fear, anger])


4.Understand the different orders of existence:

  • natural
  • supernatural (Divine)


5. Understand the notion and necessity of faith. Faith is a supernatural gift of God, which makes us assent to truths revealed by God, because we accept the authority of God.