St. Edmund Campion Catechism Group - Series 2 Lesson 18

The Religion of Man

Slides: Vatican II - The Religion of Man
Vatican II: Gaudium et Spes §12,13,17,24,25,26,35, Dignitatis Humanae, Ad Gentes

Post Vatican II: Catechism of the Catholic Church (1993) Q293,299 

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The Religion of Man

Synthesis of a thesis written by Padre Alvero Calderon SSPX, Professor of Our Lady Co-Redemptorix Seminary, Argentina (now published by Angelus Press as "Prometheus")


Our intention is to explain the Second Vatican Council. A sound method of exposition necessitates that we first explain what the Council is, and then understand what it did, agere sequitur esse (action follows being). Let us then devote the first chapter to saying what the Council was and the last three to explaining its work.

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