Spiritual Testament

Mr. Frederick Davis († 13 November 2017)

These two letters tell something of the hidden, heroic life and death of Mr. Frederick (Frank) Davis, who was a member of the faithful of the Society of St. Pius X from its early days in the late 1970s. The first letter is from his close friend, Mr. Geoffrey Sutton; the second letter is written by Mr. Davis in anticipation of his approaching death. May God have mercy on his soul. Please pray for him.

Many of this Society of St. Pius X, especially those who came to the London Church on Saturday, will remember Mr. Frederick (Frank) Davis, who was given a dispensation by the priests to have his Sunday devotion of Saturdays instead of Sundays because of the difficulty in travelling by railways on a Sunday. Mr. Davis died recently after suffering for well over 20 years from so many health issues, for which he prayed, and always received; usually in less than a week, his prayers were answered by the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Beloved Son Jesus. No matter what illness he received, he always thanked them for giving to him him the great honour of such suffering for his own earlier sins on this earth and for the sins of the world.

Most briefly, and to only those very few who knew of his health problems, did he speak of such. Among them were major heart problems, strokes, pneumonia, coeliac disease (wherein he could never eat anything with gluton in it), and also an enlarged prostate and very painful spinal issues, as well as rheumotoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I could go on but what I’ve stated will give an idea of a man who thanked God and His Holy Mother Mary for such suffering. On one occasion, Mr Davis whilst about to pray was suddenly and violently sent flying across the room, his shoulder hitting the wall opposite. Although in pain, he gave the sign of the cross, invoking the name of the Holy Spirit to depart the evil [sic] from the room. Satan never again tormented him, though try he did.

I should mention that Mr. Davis, who was devoted to this Society from its very inception so many years ago now, was a member of the Confraternity of the Sacred Heart and the St. George’s Group of Masses for the Holy Souls, and although lately quite ill, spoke little of such because he always looked so well, and his usual answer was “I’m alright, thank you”.

Perhaps we should all learn from a simple kind soul to at all times thank God for whatsoever he might give to us on this earth; as Mr. Davis always said:

Nothing can ever be anywhere near to the suffering that Jesus Himself voluntarily gave us on earth in order to enter his heavenly kingdom

…This is so very true.

Let us all pray that we also will thank God for whatsoever he gives to us, but to pray also for others, many so much worse off than ourselves.

May the soul of Frederick (Frank) Davis rest in that heavenly peace which he so long looked forward to.

This is sent to you by his close friend and next of kin,

Mr. Geoffrey Sutton

Dear Rev. Father,

IF you receive this letter, you will know that my soul has left my body, which is now dead.

You may like to know, I first began to support your Society of St. Pius X [at] its foundation, when Father Black first came into this country and I went, with a coach-load from London, to hear his Mass in England. Since then, I recall going to the public house close to Paddington Station, London, where a large room was hired for the Holy Mass, sung as well. Beautiful. Then of course, some time later, [I] came his first church in England, St Joseph and St Padern of Finsbury Park.

Usually, because of train problems, [I was] unable to get there on a Sunday, so [I] received the Sacraments on the Saturday, with Holy Mass and Benediction, which service I loved so very much.

I was known as “Frank” initially by many within St. Joseph’s Church, mainly because by mistake and perhaps hard of hearing, I was misunderstood and sooner than argue with others, st[u]ck to this name of Frank—until, of course, asked my Christian name, [I] told them it was Frederick. Some still call me Frank; it mattered not to me; in fact, I was quite amused by it all.

There should be an amount, not too much, left from my will, which you should receive soon in my will. I made it out to send to you, the [enclosed] cheque [is] also made out to you. Whatsoever you do with it Father is entirely up to you.

If you will be so kind to have a Tridentine Latin Mass said for me at St. Joseph’s, I will appreciate it.

Regretfully, [I] had no choice, no priest willing to say the Latin Mass here, and had the English Mass, much to my individual regret, therefore a Tridentine Mass from your good self, or another priest, for my soul to rest in peace will be much appreciated.

I am so grateful to you and your priests for keeping alive within the Roman Church that true belief, with the true Mass of all time, available. God I know blesses you for this, and those of us who attend are so grateful to you and your fellow priests, who I am sure, some must have gone through individual hardship to be traditional priests.

With many thanks, and should my soul get to Heaven, prayers are assured. ALL my sins have been forgiven by your priests, I’m glad to say, in confession. May Almighty God and His Holy Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary look after you.

Yours sincerely,

Frederick Davis (at times known as Frank)

Note: If you wish to reply, do so to my next of kin at this address…

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