Society of St. Pius X District of Great Britain & Ireland

The Society of St. Pius X is divided into Districts and fledgling Districts (called Autonomous Houses) throughout the world. There are a total of 14 Districts and 3 Autonomous Houses at present. The District of Great Britain was founded in 1971 help restore the Catholic Priesthood and all that pertains to it.

District House

The District House is the usual residence of the District Superior.


A priory is a house in which priests live in community. Common prayer, meals and recreation are a school of priestly virtue when lived with the supernatural virtue of charity.


The Society has just one school in the District at present. We would like to establish others, but devoted teachers and money are both lacking. We believe that uncompromisingly Catholic Schools are a condition of a complete Catholic education.

Churches, Chapels, Mass Centres (23)

In this District, the word "Church" means a large edifice built for Divine worship; a "Chapel" is a smaller such edifice or room built for Divine worship and a "Mass Centre" is anywhere where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered: a Church, Chapel or adapted room.


  •   SSPX: Priests (14), Brothers (1)
  •   Affiliated: Priests (1), Brothers (2), Sisters (2)

Pious Groups

Pious Groups are voluntary groups for the sanctification of faithful in pursuit of a specific goal.