Sermon for Easter Morning

Identification with those who crucified Jesus

During the last week, my dear brethren, we have heard the four accounts of the Passion of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We have witnessed His rejection by His chosen race, by the secular powers, the gentiles, and by His closest friends, precisely when He needed them most.

And in all the characters that made that Sacred Heart suffer so much, my dear brethren, there is one thing that is common. In everyone of them, if we look closely enough, we can see ourselves:

  • yes, it was me who fled, at the first sign of danger in the garden of Gethsemani;
  • yes, it was me who swore that I would stand by my Lord even to death, and then denied Him thrice;
  • yes it was me struck the Holy Face and spat upon Him to please my peers;
  • yes it was me who was prepared to sacrifice my Lord for the good of the people, for human respect;
  • yes it was me who went along with the crowd and shouted Crucifige, Crucifige eum!

Identification with those who rejoice at the Resurrection

We are all sinners, my dear brethren, but because we are here on this Easter morn, although we have crucified Our Saviour, He has won us back. And just as we might identify ourselves in the past with His executioners, today and may it be forever, we can identify ourselves with Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome, with the apostles Peter and John, with all sinners who have been forgiven.

What must have been their happiness! It is the happiness of the whole Church, the elation of victory echoing down the centuries. It is the joy of the saints, the choirs of angels, and—above all—the joy of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Let us offer prayers of thanks and prayers for perseverance for we would never wish to lose that which has been so dearly won.

I wish you every grace and joy of the Risen Christ!

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