A Saint’s Counsel

Rev. John Brucciani, Headmaster

In his last letter to his many benefactors, St. John Bosco wrote:

The best way to obtain the forgiveness of sins and eternal life is to practice charity to young children. Whatsoever you do to one of these, you do to Me.

We all hope to win heaven. A saint shows us an easy way to get there. When we stand at the judgment seat of God, the demons will rage, accusing us of our many sins and claiming us as their own. But Christ will cut them short: "Yes, they sinned, but they pitied Me and helped Me, every time they gave to one of My little ones."

A school is a youngster's universe. It is a place of knowledge, grace, and happiness. It is an environment in which Christ is King. It is the fruit of so many sacrifices and so much charity. This is why God loves Catholic schools, and blesses those who help them.

St. John Bosco continues:

With so few means available to families to help bring up their children in the faith, the Blessed Virgin Mary has appointed herself their special advocate. She thus obtains extraordinary spiritual and temporal graces for all their benefactors.

Dear friends, may God bless your efforts and sacrifice. He wishes to act through you. Christ needs you in order to bless and protect His little ones.

The children pray daily for all their benefactors. Please send us your prayer requests. A child's prayer is a powerful means of intercession and grace. We will place our intentions on the altar, to be remembered each day at the Holy Sacrifice.

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