Knight of the Immaculata Magazine No. 17

"Do you want to serve me?"

6 St. Maximilian on the Religious Vocation

9 "Do you want to serve me?" 15 SSPX Seminaries

17  SSPX Brothers' Novitiates

18  Novitiates of the Oblates of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X

21  SSPX Sisters' Novitiates

22  Noviciate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary of Kenya

24  “Ave Maria” —

a new section on the General House website

25  A fruitful visit to Russia for the M.I.

28  New Knights and M.I.'s Conferences in Poland

29  A new issue of "Triumph of the Immaculata"

30  Five new Knights in Great Britain

30  Over 445 new Knights in France

31  The M.I. in the Netherlands

32  M.I.'s Apostolate in South America

33  Prayers for Sri Lanka

34  The 3rd Annual Pilgrimage in Chennai (India)

35  About the Militia Immaculatæ