Political Correctness: What is it?

Rev. Robert Brucciani

Common definition

Political Correctness is commonly defined as “the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalise, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against”. (Oxford English Dictionary)

This common definition presents Political Correctness as a laudable expression of the law of fraternal charity, but its effects show this definition to be grossly misleading.

The effects

Examples of the destructive power of Political Correctness are legion: feminists who sincerely believe that abortion is healthcare, children being fed pornography and contraception at the tenderest age by the state for their protection, poor suicidal "gender-reassigned" children who believe that they can really decide their sex, denial of the natural law by the judiciary, the perpetual rewriting of history to turn our forefathers into monsters, demonisation of the saints and of the Catholic Church. The list goes on and on.

Real broad definition

Political Correctness is an application of Cultural Marxism by which a civilisation is deliberately undermined by the moral and legal suppression of the individual's right to appeal to common sense and tradition (ie. culture).


Economic Marxism, on the one hand, claims that all of history is determined by ownership of the means of production. If one can seize the means of production, one seizes ultimate power. Cultural Marxism, on the other hand, claims that all history is determined by the power of certain groups over other groups. Seizing ultimate power, therefore, is possible by a process of enfranchising certain groups at the expense of others. Political Correctness is the name given to the instrument by which this revolution may be brought about.

The Marxist theorists, Antonio Gramsci of Italy and George Lukacs of Hungary, claimed that the failure of the Russian revolution (1917) to spread throughout Europe was due to the attachment of the working classes to Western culture, which was defined by Christianity. The triumph of Economic Marxism was not possible, therefore, until Western culture was destroyed.

In 1923, a think-tank associated with Frankfurt University was formed in Germany to define Marxism in cultural terms and was called the Institute for Social Research to hide its Marxist intent. The think-tank was forced to relocate to America when the Nazis came to power in 1933, but by the end of the 1930s, the instrument of Political Correctness was largely complete.

How it works

  1. Certain groups are presented by an "authority" (the media, the state, campaign groups) as being victims of oppression by other groups. The victim groups are defined by their origins, their physical characteristics or their behaviour (to which they are deemed to have an absolute right as determined by the "authority") and may indeed be oppressed.

  2. The "authority" rejects a common understanding of the world which is shaped by culture (including the common meaning of words) and adopts a binary vision of the world in which every action is deemed to be either for or against one of their proclaimed victim groups.

  3. The "authority" loudly accuses anyone deemed to have acted against a proclaimed victim group, but their judgement is not based upon any act itself or the intent of the accused or circumstances, but the "authority's" judgement of the extent of the injury done to the victim's feelings.

  4. A cry of outrage is encouraged and is taken up by those who fear to be the object of similar accusations (including the lawmakers).

  5. Sane individuals then adopt the mindset of the aberrant "authority" through fear, or a desire to belong, or just through habit; lawmakers pass laws to "protect" the victim group, thereby destroying the judgement of common sense and tradition, and enshrining in law a new morality and a new "reason". The "authority" is thus empowered to push the revolution further.

The process is effective because it can appeal to a natural sense of justice in the common man (eg. punishing someone who makes fun of a handicapped child), but is insidious because a shadowy "authority" is able to:

  • insert a new morality into society (thereby severing it from its common sense and culture) by means of a tidal wave of false moral indignation;

  • judge others on subjective feelings rather than facts;

  • brutally demolish opposition without appeal to justice or a fair hearing.

Real definition

A real definition, therefore, might go something like this: “Political Correctness is the deliberate provocation of unreasonable moral indignation for the purposes of removing opposition to a new order of society.”

Political Correctness is tyranny masquerading as fraternal charity. Its use is central to a revolution far worse than the Reformation which tore Christendom asunder five hundred years ago. We are living through the wholesale destruction of the remnants of Western (Christian) civilisation.

The remedy

The remedy to Political Correctness is not to attack the real or fabricated victim groups. The remedy is:

  • right reason, cultivated by good reading, study and prayer, in order to know the truth;

  • understanding how Political Correctness works;

  • supernatural courage to defend the truth, even if the whole world is against you.

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