World Order - Ite Missa Est Editorial

Source: District of Great Britain

Ite Missa Est 2019 July August

My dear faithful,

Decay all around

The order of religion, politics, commerce, finance, education, family and personal morality is disintegrating at an accelerating rate. Every day brings fresh news of society’s decline into the collective insanity of denying the rule of objective truth and goodness founded in both nature and Divine Revelation. Bishops preach heterodoxy and dialogue instead of truth and firmity, politicians work for themselves rather than the people they represent, the state enslaves rather than liberates, global corporations and banks bring debt and unemployment rather than prosperity and security, media and education constrain minds to a narrow, pernicious ideology and economic utility rather than open them to truth and to universal knowledge, families are transient and fluid rather than the building blocks of society, and personal morality has taken the passions for its rule rather than the natural and supernatural law.

What is happening to the world?

Society is collapsing in every domain and at every level, and to make sense of it, we need to understand that there is a work of systematic destruction in process which is aimed at effacing all order to God in the world by effacing it in individual souls.

God created all things in order to Himself

All of creation is ordered to God and reflects the perfections of God. All of creation - the world - forms an exquisite whole. The galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, earth, plants, animals, men and the angels are made because God’s goodness cannot contain itself; they reflect the beauty of the Artist and they are made for His glory.

At the summit of material creation, God placed man - endowed with an intellect and a will - so that he could know, love and serve God, not merely in the natural order, but in the supernatural order too.

Natural Order

God made man, not as an island, but to be related to both the Godhead and to all creatures - not in any-old way, but in a way that He has determined. This is part of the natural order of things which is immutable, universal and knowable by all men as the natural law. The correct relation of a man to all around him depends primarily upon his correct relation to himself. Man must love himself - desire his bodily and spiritual perfection - which is fulfilled, not in the pleasures of the world, but in union with God – yes, even in the order of nature.

This correct relation to himself is dependent upon his correct relation to his family: his parents, his siblings and cousins, and to his spouse and children if he should marry. He is ordered to the good of his family.

This correct relation to himself is also dependent upon his correct relation with the community either as a representative of his family or in consequence of his profession or the role he plays in the community (e.g. as a nurse, teacher, rugby player, priest, religious etc.).

This correct relation to himself is dependent upon his correct relation to the city or nation state. He must desire and work for the temporal and spiritual welfare of the state – even die for it in time of war.

Supernatural Order

But man is not made for a merely natural perfection, he is made also for a supernatural perfection. Indeed, a man's natural perfection is not possible without his supernatural perfection (and vice versa). Man is made to share in the perfections of God, not just as divine perfections reflected in creation, but as sharing in the being of God as God. Now, as this happens by sanctifying grace, we usually say that man is made to be elevated to the supernatural order by sanctifying grace.

After the fall of Adam, this was not possible because the infinite offence of Original Sin required an infinite act of reparation. In the fullness of time, however, and by His infinite mercy, this act of infinite reparation was effected by the Incarnation, Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is God-incarnate. While on earth, Our Lord instituted the sacraments and established a Church to continue His work of bringing man to his supernatural perfection. It is a Church that will last until the end of time.

Now, the Church is defined as “the union of the faithful under one head”. Every man is called to be a member of the Church which means that, in the invisible realm, every man is called to be related to every other member through union with the Head who is Jesus Christ. This union is effected by the character of sacramental baptism (for all baptised souls) and finds its perfection by sanctifying grace which makes a soul share in the Divine Life.

In its visible manifestation, the Church is an order of souls within parishes, dioceses, religious orders and other canonical structures who submit to the teachings, liturgy and governance of the Church with the Pope as its head. Most commonly, a member of the faithful has a relation of subordination first to his parish priest, then to the bishop of his diocese and ultimately to the Pope. His supernatural perfection is dependent on respecting these relations.

Satan wants an order to destroy all order to God

Such is the divine plan, but Satan, the implacable enemy of God, wants to destroy all order to God – both natural and supernatural. He wants to atomise the society of men - destroying all men’s relations to God, to the Church, to his state, to his community, to his family and even to himself.

To effect this, he has erected a New Order of the World with the object of destroying all order to God. His visible instruments of destruction are institutions such as the United Nations and the Federal Reserve, his lackeys are global politicians such as the Clintons, Blairs, Obamas and Merkels of this world, his thought-police are the global media, his unthinking bullies are the global corporations and banks, his controllers are shadowy groups such as the Freemasons, his fools are the myriad of perverse “victim groups” that power the engine of Cultural Marxism. And, since the Second Vatican Council, he has even co-opted the power of the Catholic hierarchy to help destroy both the order of society and the Church itself.

Success for the New World Order is the destruction of a man's supernatural relation to God and all natural relations - relations to himself, to his fellow man and to all other creatures. Success is the destruction of the Church, the nation state, local communities, the family and eventually the individual. Success for the New World Order, is radical egoism - that state of affairs where a man makes himself god and thereby "liberates" himself from everything that leads him to his Creator: all objective truth and law, all goodness and virtue, all faith and hope, all friendship and love. And when he is thus "liberated", instead of finding himself free, a man finds himself enslaved by his pride and his passions. He finds himself in a dark dungeon in which the only path to freedom appears to be "liberation" from existence itself. Success for the New World Order is the culture of death.

Victory belongs to Christ

But the New World Order will not succeed in its aim of destroying all order to God because it is like the symbolic snake that devours itself; it is a lemming in search of a cliff, it is an organisation for disorganisation, so that, whereas the defeat of Christ was His victory, it is the victory of the New World Order that will be its own defeat. It will end in its own disorder, it will kill itself.

Everything that acts, acts with God's power and acts for the greater good in some way. Every evil that is perpetrated gives occasion for an even greater good:  there would be no martyrs if there were no persecutors, there would be no forgiveness if there were not sin, there would be no sacrifice if there was not death. God has woven the evil that He permits into His Divine Plan for the greatest good.

Can victory belong to us?

And we, dear faithful, are part of that plan. God will certainly permit us to suffer evil at the hands of the New World Order - we already are, and without a doubt, we have difficult times ahead. If you hold firm to your Catholic faith and refuse to burn incense to the god of the New World Order, then be prepared to lose your job, be prepared to be poor, be prepared to be maligned, be prepared to flee the state when it comes to take away the innocence your children (if not your children themselves). Be prepared to answer the call to a greater, more challenging and more perfect submission to the order of nature and supernature established by God, be prepared to answer the call to obedience to the Church’s teaching on faith and morals, be prepared for the call to an obscure, protracted martyrdom of patience!

The Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, is living Christ's Passion in the hands of her faithless ministers. In the measure that we are her living members, that Passion of Christ will be our own. As suffering, it is disagreeable, but as a conformity and union with Christ, it is heaven anticipated.

Victory belongs to the Immaculate Heart

Just as Our Lady was nearest to Jesus at the foot of the Cross, she is nearest to those who make that Cross their standard on the battlefield which is this world. She has a place for all such souls in her Immaculate Heart. It is a suffering heart, but it is a heart on fire with Divine Love. Her heart is the symbol of her perfectly ordered will which will carry the day, for did she not herself promise: "My Immaculate Heart will triumph"? Rally to her standard!

In Jesu et Maria,

Rev. Robert Brucciani