What to do now?

Source: District of Great Britain

What to do now?

Dear Faithful,

An announcement this evening by the British PM has left us with no choice but to cancel all public religious ceremonies and close our chapels in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for at least three weeks starting from this moment (Monday evening 23/03/2020). An announcement about the ceremonies and chapels of Ireland will follow.

Tomorrow, our priests will work on a plan to continue our apostolate using every means left to us. We are able to tend the sick and the dying within the government restrictions, but we need to find a way of administering the sacraments of penance and Holy Communion to the rest of the faithful without breaking the law. We will also look to develop the teaching and devotional apostolate by printed, audio and visual media.

There is some real good to be drawn from this evil. In this privation of the sacraments, we might deepen our understand of the loss felt by Our Lady and the Apostles as they all came sorrowfully away from the tomb. De profundis clamavi ad Te Domine.

We might also start the family rosary as a daily routine. Mother Mary would be so pleased.

In Jesu et Maria,

Rev. Robert Brucciani

District Superior