St. Joseph the Worker

Source: District of Great Britain

An antidote to  the atheistic materialism of our time.

The Modern World and St. Joseph


Origin of the Feast

In 1955 Pope Pius XII introduced the feast of St. Joseph the Worker into the liturgical calendar to attempt to combat (or sanctify) the communist inspired May Day festivities throughout the Soviet Bloc and the socialist western world.

The Real Purpose Of the Feast

The real purpose of the feast was not as diversionary tactic to fight against the Sovietic communists with their singularly unattractive agenda for economic change, but the invocation of St. Joseph in the Church’s battle against the essence of communism which is ATHEISTIC MATERIALISM.

Definition of Atheistic Materialism

Atheistic Materialism is quite simply a combination of

(a) Atheism, where the very existence of God and the duties imposed on us as a consequence, are denied, and

(b) Materialism where the very existence of a spiritual order is denied.

An Atheistic Materialist, therefore, holds that we are just matter, that life is just a complex chemical chain reaction, that we have no duties, that our end, our finality is to contribute to an evolution of the universe to it final destiny which, whatever it may be, does not include God.

In its practical manifestation, atheistic materialism rejects God and it rejects God’s law inscribed in human nature. It is the negation of religion, the negation of the family, the negation of the nation state and the negation of the right to property; and viewed thus, we can see how alive this pernicious error is today. Gone is the cold barbarity of the Sovietic communism, only to be replaced by a much more congenial version of the same thing.

  • With regards to the negation of religion: under the guise of liberty of conscience, the state denies the proclamation of an absolute truth.
  • With regards to the negation of the family, under the guise of choice, the state allows encourages mothers to kill their children, the state facilitates the break-up of families by its divorce laws, the state makes it necessary and encourages mothers to leave off their defining duty – the education of their children – to go out to work.
  • With reagrds to the negation of the nation state, under the guise of justice through democracy, the state is trying to dissolve itself into an undemocratic one world order.
  • With regards to the negation of property - this is the most subtle of all - under the guise of wealth man has been stripped of his right to property. Yes we might have pockets full of gadgets, but never have we been so poor: personal and national debt is the highest ever, 55% of what we earn goes to the government in taxes, we work more hours than ever before, and even when we die we cannot provide for our children.

Atheistic Materialism, my dear bretheren, needless to say, is fundamentally, diametrically opposed to Catholicism, and it is alive and well.


Let us pray to St. Joseph, as Patron of the Universal Church, as guardian of the Word Incarnate, that we might work as St. Joseph worked for that true society by making our work an exercise of natural and supernatural virtue, by making our work a prayer of adoration, by making our work is a source of joy, by working to please his wife and our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary whom we particularly honour in this month of May.


Sermon preached by Rev. Fr. Robert Brucciani on 1st May.