Sense of proportion

Source: District of Great Britain

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Sense of proportion

since 14th March 2020* UK deaths
Cumulative deaths by abortion** 13813
Cumulative deaths with Covid-19***    4923


*14th March 2020 was the date of the first death with Covid-19 in the UK

**based on ONS data for 2018 (England & Wales and Scotland): average of 601 deaths by abortion every day 365 days per year, 98% funded by the NHS


Culture of death

A culture of death is a culture of radical selfishness in which man considers himself the supreme master of himself – his own god. It is a culture that leads to both supernatural and natural death. It is a culture of contraception, in-vitro fertilisation, embryo experimentation, eugenics, abortion, sexualisation of children, pornography, homosexuality, sexual abuse, drug abuse, self-mutilation, divorce, suicide and euthanasia. It is a culture of institutionalised evil: everything that tramples on life, everything that mitigates against the perfection of man. It has the prince of the world as its prime mover and the damnation of souls as its final intention.

In the culture of death, evil is either regarded as good (with names like “family planning”, “reproductive health”, “pro-choice”, “relationships education”, “self-discovery”, “self-expression”, “death with dignity”) or simply a private affair. Truth is measured by emotion and reason by is measured by convenience. 

Opposition to the culture of death is met with astonishment and accusations of hatred. The establishment: political institutions, the teaching, medical, legal and accounting professions, media and big business become its promoters and enforcers; assent to the culture of death becomes a condition of participation in society.

Alas, this is the society in which we find ourselves today. Faithful Catholics are being excluded from many walks of life and are being persecuted for living their faith.

Hope in Holy Week

But there is always hope, because a society that thirsts for death can never last. It can never renew itself and will inevitably end in self-destruction. Our Lord Jesus Christ remains owner and master of life. Born into the world two thousand years ago, He died so that the life that He created may be redeemed; and He now lives that it might be sanctified. His Church will last until the end of the world, the culture of life will always prevail.

Let us make reparation this Passiontide for the sins of the culture of death and let us renew our hope in the Resurrection and restoration of all things in Christ.