Protecting your children

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Thou shalt not see

For all parents.

Important Reminder

Internet Filters and Monitors

It is always good to recall the need to protect ourselves and our children against the temptations of the internet. Parents are under a grave obligation to protect and monitor their children’s devices. The reasons should be obvious. Neglect in protecting household internet access is matter for confession. 

The following internet blockers or filters are recommended. They are relatively reasonably priced and easy to navigate. Using proper internet filters can make the difference between salvation and damnation. So read carefully and act accordingly! 

These choices, among many: 

For those who live on their own, Covenant Eyes allows us to subject ourselves to monitoring by a third party. Simply sign up and designate a parent or friend. Your internet history is then sent to them on a regular basis - every day, every three days, every month - as you choose and helps to keep us out of trouble. There is a monthly or yearly fee, but a few pounds are worth it for protection from sin. GREAT FOR STUDENTS!

PLEASE NOTE: Adolescents and young adults should have their mobile devices monitored. Any confessor will explain that we are under a grave obligation to have recourse to internet filtering if the internet is a frequent source of sin. That is why a priest may withhold absolution until the penitent takes the proper measures to reduce the occasion of sin. If internet access from a cell phone is an occasion of sin, the cell phone must be equipped with filters, with the password set by a parent or friend. 

The following links explain how to make an iPhone or Android phone secure from explicit content. Parents should have these features locked down before passing on a phone to their child. 


It is all about ensuring the safety of God's grace in our souls

“Everything is grace!” ~ St. Therese of Lisieux

Rev. Fr. John Brucciani