Operation Philomena

Source: District of Great Britain

St. Michael's School Appeal

Dear Friends & Benefactors,

Please find links to the school Christmas letter and a campaign leaflet for Operation Philomena.

Operation Philomena is a project to raise funds for St. Michael's School.  The school is the largest and most expensive of the works of the Society of St. Pius X in this country and is presently the only integrally traditional Catholic school in the Great Britain. It requires about £300,000 per annum to operate (in addition to fee income) and presently requires capital of £2million for a new chapel and classrooms.

The goal of Operation Philomena is to have a sufficient number of benefactors contribute a regular amount to the school (preferably Gift Aided) by standing order to achieve a target of £120,000 per annum. This is the equivalent of 1000 people donating £10 per month. 

Asking St. Philomena for her help is an essential part of the campaign and for this reason a St. Philomena novena prayers card is also being distributed. She has helped so many times in the past.

Paper copies of the newsletter, leaflet and prayer card can be found at our Mass Centres. Please do assist the campaign - at least by your prayers and by distributing the leaflets. Pray also that our School may thrive by producing many holy priestly and religious vocations, many holy Catholic families and many holy Catholics in the world.

Please accept my thanks for your continued help and be assured of my prayers that you may have a truly happy and holy Christmas.

In Christ,

Rev. Fr. John Brucciani


PS. Donations are best made through our Operation Philomena TotalGiving account or through http://fsspx.uk/en/donate-gb