Missionary Sisters of Jesus & Mary - All Is Grace

Source: District of Great Britain

2019 Jan All Is Grace 

Dear Families Friends & Benefactors,

Time has passed since we gave our last news. I would like to assure you however, that this does not change anything in our daily prayer intentions for all of you. This indeed is good news, isn't it? What else do we need in our life, than some very grateful souls who pray for us?

In a young congregation like ours is, many things have to be put into place so that the time for writing newsletters becomes a little scarce.

As I am writing to you my dear families, friends and benefactors, I do it with a heart full of gratitude and joy! I recognize in you true Christians, who do not give to receive, but who give to give for the love of God and the establishment of His reign, "and your reward shall be great..." (Lk 6,35). This 1 say, because even though we didn't give any sign of life, you were still there to support us, and we can only say "Deo gratias!"

Our congregation is growing "pole, pole" (slowly, slowly) as the Kenyans say. We are praying that many young girls may hear the call of God, to follow Him in the path of perfection, which is the biggest gift one can accept from His eternal love!

You may already know that in the last two and a half years, 3 of our 4 dear Oblate Sisters have left us. The time they have been with us was a very precious time for our foundation, teaching us and giving us tlie example of a true religious life. We knew from the beginning that the time of separation would come one day, and it was hard to imagine that we would have to continue without our "mothers". Everything has its time, as they say.

In the following pages you will see and read of the works we were able to do around our house, thanks to your generosity. To read our newsletter, just click the red link beneath the picture above.

Our plans for the future are many. For plans, we need spiritual as well as material support. Please keep a space for us in your prayers as well as in your wallets.

In the name of all the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary I send you warm greetings from Kenya and wish you in advance a holy Lenten Time.

Sr. Nicholas of Jesus