Liturgical renewal

Source: District of Great Britain

Participate in the Mass by offering altar linens for use in the Divine Sacrifice.

At the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Our Lord Jesus Christ offers Himself to the Father. The faithful participate in this sacrifice not only passively by the fact that they are part of Christ's Mystical Body, but actively by the operation of their intellect and will, by their disposition and by their actions: their prayers and their offerings.

One urgent offering required is that of altar linens. After years of service, the linens in many of our chapels are beginning to look limp, yellow and threadbare. What better way is there to make a lasting and intimate offering for Divine Sacrifice? If you can make a donation, please go to the donation page and mention "altar linens" when you send a payment. 

Another offering required in our chapels is time to care for these linens. The cleanliness and correctness of the linens is a true sign of devotion towards the Blessed Sacrament. If you have time, please make yourself known to the priest.