Fundraising Walk for St. Michael's Chapel - Days 2&3

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£1910 raised so far.

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Hi Father,

I hope this update finds you well.

Tuesday was a particularly gruelling day. We had an ambitious 23 miles planned, but I started slowing down after about 8 miles. At 15 miles we decided to take what we thought was a sensible shortcut. Lucky for me, John was leading the way because, a few hundred yards into the shortcut, he marched straight into a bog. In heroic style, he dealt with the ankle-deep mud by quickly jumping further into what then transpired to be a deeper part of the bog. Quick thinking resulted in similarly disastrous manoeuvres which eventually left  John waste-deep in the stuff. He was only saved from what would have been a very embarrassing emergency services rescue by performing elaborate contortions involving the use of his back-pack as a fulcrum. He then sustained barbed wire cuts as he scaled a nearby dry-stone wall to safety! Suffice it to say, we had to re-examine our plans after this escapade. After some hot food and the help of a very generous campsite owner who washed John's clothes, we decided to reduce the distance we would be attempting for the rest of the trip which means we'll now finish on Saturday.

Wednesday was by far the most picturesque day of the trip so far and I believe John has sent you some photos. There were plenty of ups and downs in the terrain and, invigorated by dry clothes and a good night's sleep, we attacked them with success. There were also lots of sections of the wall intact which was very impressive.

We are doing a daily two minute video on social media which is getting plenty of attention. It seems to be working too as we've gained an additional £400 in donations since starting with the current total at £1910.

We have about 34 miles left to go!

God bless,

Chris Sudlow

Intrepid adventurers John Aron and Chris Sudlow