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The Subdiaconate is the first of the major orders. It is the decisive step in the life of a cleric in which he assumes the obligation of observing perfect chastity in the unmarried state and of reciting the Divine Office. The official duties of the subdeacon are to read the epistle, to hand the chalice and paten to the deacon during the Mass, to prepare the water for the chalice, and to wash the altar cloths and corporals. During the ceremony the newly ordained subdeacon touches a chalice and paten, a pair of cruets containing water and wine and a basin and towel. He is then invested with the insignia of his office: the amice (symbolising moderation in speech), the maniple (fruit of good works), tunicle (joy) and then touches the epistalarium.

2017 March 22nd





Mar 30 All Day Adoration, St. Andrews House, Carluke
  31-2 Apr Forty Hours at St. Joseph's, London
Apr 1 Ordination of Mr. Rupert Bevan to the Subdiaconate and David Seeber to Porter and Lector at The Seminary of St. Pius X, Ecône, Switzerland.
  4 St. Michael School, Hilary Term ends
  27 St. Michael School, Trinity Term begins
  29 Confirmations at St. Michael's School - 12noon. (Booklet)

York Pilgrimage
May 13 May Procession and Marian Day at St. Michael's School
  14 Day of Recollection with Fr. Alphonsus Maria, OLV, Preston
  19-21 3 Day Recollection with Fr. Alphonsus Maria at St. Saviour's, Bristol
  29-2 St. Michael's School, Half Term Break
  27-29 Gregorian Chant Seminar at St. Saviour's, Bristol
  31-1 Priests' Meeting, Bristol
Jun 3-5 Chartres Pilgrimage
  12 All Day Adoration, St. Saviour's Bristol
  12-17 Men’s Ignatian Retreat at St. Saviour’s House, Bristol
  25 Confirmations at Ss. Margaret & Leonards, Edinburgh - 1pm
  28-1st Boys' Trip to Ecône for ordinations.
  29 Ordination of Mr. Rupert Bevan to the Diaconate at the Seminary of St. Pius X, Ecône, Switzerland.
Jul 8 St. Michael's School, End of School Year
  17-22 Archbishop Lefebvre's Spiritual Journey Retreat, Bristol
  18-26 Girls' Camp, High Grange House, Burghclere
  28-30 Canterbury Pilgrimage
Aug 4-12 Boys' Camp, Colleton Manor, Devon
  11 All Day Adoration, Our Lady of Victories, Preston
  14-18 St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary visit to St. Michael's School
  15 Solemn High Mass at Holy Cross Church, Woking
  17-21 SSPX Fatima Pilgrimage
  27 All Day Adoration, St. Andrews House, Carluke
Sep 2-3 Walsingham Pilgrimage
  6 All Day Adoration, St. Saviour's Bristol
  25 All Day Adoration, St. George's House, Wimbledon
    School Calendar 2017-18
May 8-17 Holy Land Pilgrimage

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