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In times of peril, faithful souls have prayed the rosary and Our Lady has come their aid. Great battles have been won and seemingly invincible enemies have been vanquished thanks to this simple prayer. But if ever there was a need to pray the rosary it is now, for we are living in a time of apostasy and revolution such as has never been seen before - an apostasy in the heart of the Church. To arms dear faithful, to arms, and join the Rosary Crusade!

2017 January 28th



  • I think it’s time to pray now. A true story.


On New Year’s Day of 1953, a Saint Kieran aircraft was transporting 25 passengers from Dublin, Ireland, to Birmingham, England. Shortly before landing, the engines stopped.

The flight attendant calmly announced: "We ask all passengers to fasten their seat belts!" She explained the seriousness of the situation and then knelt down in the middle of the aisle, saying: "Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time to pray now." She recited the act of contrition, then invoked the Blessed Virgin, calling for her help, and she started praying the Rosary.

Meanwhile the pilot, whose plane was losing altitude, looked for a place to land. He spotted a ploughed field which seemed like good terrain for a forced landing. When the plane touched the ground with all its weight, it made a sound like an explosion—the aircraft had split in two.

The first witnesses who arrived on the scene were dumbfounded at seeing unscathed passengers coming out of the wreckage. Only the pilot and co-pilot were slightly injured. As for the travellers, they were convinced that the Mother of God rewarded the trust of the courageous flight attendant. 

In L'Ami du Clergé (The Friend of the Clergy)




  • 3rd-5th June 2017: Chartres-Paris Pilgrimage over the Pentecost weekend.
  • 15th August 2017: St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary plan to pay a visit to St. Michael's School and its environs from 14th-18th August. A Solemn High Mass is planned for 10am at the beautiful Holy Cross Church, Sandy Lane, Woking GU22 8BA on the Feast of the Assumption. The seminarians will serve and sing the Mass. This is a rare chance to see the Sacred Liturgy of the Church at its most beautiful. The Mass will be filmed by a professional team.
  • 19th August 2017 Fatima Pilgrimage: 3pm Solemn High Mass in the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity Basilca. 5pm Stations of the Cross. 8:30pm Rosary
  • 20th August 2017 Fatima Pilgrimage: 9:30am Pontifical High Mass in the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity Basilca. 12noon Rosary
  • End of October 2017 (precise dates to be advised): Saturday 9am Confirmations St. Michael's School. Sunday 1pm Confirmations at St. Margaret and Leonard's, Edinburgh.



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