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I shall not be jealous, my Son, that You are with me, and also with all men. Be God to him that confesses You, and be Lord to him that serves You, and be Brother to him that loves You, that You may gain all!  (extract from a hymn by St. Ephram: The Virgin Mother to her Child)

2016 December 21st

To all our friends and benefactors,

On behalf of all the priests, brothers and sisters of the Society of St. Pius X, thank you for your prayers and gifts during this past year. The year has passed very quickly: there were so many books that I meant to read, articles that I meant to write, friends I meant to contact, prayers that I meant to say and grand schemes of mortification and sanctification that I meant to realise. You are probably the same. Our Lord in His Mercy has spared us again so that we might do better next year. But all is not lost, for there is no moment more precious than the present for turning towards our God who entered into His creation two thousand years ago to redeem us and to make Himself known. Here is a meditation that helps us do this - I can't remember the author. 

There was no room for them in the Inn. (Lk 2:7)

O, I hope, my dear Master, I am not giving thee tonight the stable of my soul, putting thee amongst the very cattle that I have. Let me offer thee the best that I have, so that, as life goes on, thou mayst have entrance to every room in my heart. No part of my thought is rich without thee. No part of my desire is rich unless touched by the desire for thee. So come into my soul and find there an abode—not just a night or a day's lodging, but an abode. Come into every room of my soul that I may love thee more and more, with all my mind and strength and soul and heart.

I wish you every grace of the Mass of the Christ Child. Try to go to confession before Christmas so that He may make of your soul an abode.

In Jesu et Maria,

Rev. Robert Brucciani 


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