The Devoted Friend by Oscar Wilde

Source: District of Great Britain

The Devoted Friend

by Oscar Wilde

The Devoted Friend is another fairytale for grown-ups. It tells of a miller who considers himself to be a devoted friend to a poor flower grower named Hans. Hans is a model of unselfishness and generosity and he considers the friendship of the miller to be a privilege, but in reality the miller abuses the good nature of Hans. The moral of the story is this: those who are the most selfish are also the most blind about there selfishness. This story is one of a number of short stories written by Oscar Wilde in which he reveals his yearning for the redemption that is only possible through Jesus Christ within the Roman Catholic Church. He lived a mostly sinful and tortured life, wrote sublime poetry and witty plays, was imprisoned for immorality and finally converted on his deathbed. This story is narrated by one of our faithful.

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