Confirmations at St. Michael's School

Source: District of Great Britain

Confirm, O God, that which thou hadst accomplished in our midst; from thy holy temple which is in Jerusalem, kings shall offer presents to thee, alleluia. 

On Saturday 29th April 2017, His Lordship, Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais administered the sacrament of confirmation to 60 faithful at St. Michael's School. 

In the sermon, His Lordship naturally recalled the effects of the sacrament of confirmation (an indelible character, sanctifying grace, gifts of the Holy Ghost and supernatural virtues) together with the importance of the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost which are like aerials tuned in to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost! The gift of the Holy Ghost that is particiularly prominent in this sacrament is that of fortitude which makes us profess our faith with courage. A great example of courage for all Catholics is Blessed José Luis Sanchez, a boy of 14 who gave his life for Christ the King in the 1926-29 Cristero War in Mexico. After recounting his life, His Lordship proposed that we pray to this young saint and of course to the Blessed Virgin Mary that we might fight courageously for the faith - even unto death. Viva Christo Rey!

Blessed José Luis Sanchez del Rio