Angels in the dark in the seminary chapel

Source: District of Great Britain

Seminary of St. Curé d'Ars, Flavigny, France

The great ceremony of the taking-of-the-cassock on 2nd February was over. After the Candlemass procession, the clothing of seminarians and a solemn high Mass; after the photographs, the mulled wine and kissing of many cheeks, the happy throng were inside, celebrating with a customary banquet ...and the chapel of the Seminary of St. Curé d'Ars was left dark and quiet. Quiet, but for a faint sound which could barely be discerned from outside its thick walls. I stopped for a moment, it sounded like angels. I crept to the door at the bottom of the nave and held my breath. Five young adults were standing in the centre of the chapel - each holding a smartphone and were singing. I took out my own and pressed record.

The singers were just friends who enjoyed singing together and they couldn't resist the opportunity of singing in the chapel which has wonderful acoustics. The crisis in the Church is primarily doctrinal, but If we had a choir like this in every chapel, the crisis would be soon be over. Perhaps I am away with the angels in reasoning thus ...perhaps, but probably not.