AKITA Pilgrimage - 2019

Source: District of Asia

DATE: From morning of 1st May to the noon 4th May, 2019.

(The pilgrimage will start with the mass at 6:45 am on May 1 in the Hotel. It is highly recommended to be at the Hotel on April 30, 2019.)

DIRECTORS: Rev. Fr. Patrick Summers, District Suprior of Asia, SSPX

Rev. Fr. Thomas Onoda, Prior at Manila

HOTEL: Hotel Plaza Crypton (Tel 018-882-4811 )

38-4 Aza Uwamatsurisawa Kawabe

Toshima Akita, Akita 019-2611 JAPAN

PRICE: JPY 42,000 (equivalent of USD 400 approximately).

CONTACT: Fr. Thomas Onoda at Email: [email protected]

For the details, please see the flyer.

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