2019 Weekend of Tradition in Knock

Source: SSPX Ireland

In Principio originated in Autumn of 2017 and is a Catholic journal which provides insightful content on the historical and current life of the Church, with a special focus on Ireland. To celebrate the journal's second anniversary, In Principio is sponsoring a symposium in the west of Ireland on the family and Catholic education.

We invite you to join us this September in Knock for a weekend of conferences, entertainment and, of course, prayer. The theme of these conferences will be centred on the Catholic family, a bastion of hope for a broken society.

Adults must register beforehand to attend. Space is limited, so do not delay. Children 18 and under are not obliged to register.

For more details and to register, click on the link below. Alternatively you can register by phoning 059 867 0137

Register now.