What does the Vatican & canon law say about the SSPX?

April 22, 2020
Source: FSSPX Spirituality
Dr. Taylor Marshall interviews Rev. Fr. Paul Robinson

What does the Vatican & canon law say about the SSPX?

This is an excellent interview in which Fr. Paul Robinson answers all the questions that are commonly asked of the Society. The answers are erudite, precise and illustrated by lucid examples and analogies. His distinction between the law and the finality of the law enables one to clearly understand the Society's actions over its 50 year history and its position in relation to the Roman authorities.

Dr. Taylor Marshall is a convert to Catholicism from the Protestant Episcopal Church where he was a minister. Since discovering the traditional Latin Mass through the Fraternity of St. Peter, he has become a leading popular apologist for traditional Catholicism. His relations with the SSPX were hesitant and qualified until recently, but following the SSPX response to the series of doctrinal and moral catastrophes that have emanated from Rome, reading the life of Archbishop Lefebvre, attending an SSPX chapel in the Covid-19 crisis and talking to SSPX priests like Fr. Robinson, he has pushed past the barriers erected to ward off well-intentioned Catholics from understanding the SSPX and and the real nature of the crisis in the Church.

The interview is almost two hours long, but can be played at double speed for those who are pressed. Whatever the speed, it is time well spent.

What is the SSPX? Who was Archbishop Lefebvre?

Dr. Marshall interviewd Fr. Robinson earlier to understand more about the SSPX. This is another great interview.