The Immaculate Pays a Visit to the “Detainees”

May 03, 2019

This Wednesday the Blessed Virgin Mary went to visit the prisoners whom our doctors had treated the day before. 

Fr. Louis Joseph Vaillant, certainly helped by his great patron saint on this May 1st, and assisted by the valiant Philomena, catechist of the “Marian Mission,” visibly touched the hearts of these “damned of the earth.” After his catechism class, everyone agreed to receive scapulars, miraculous medals, and rosary medals—those sacramentals the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church have given to us to catch souls. We were overcome with emotion when they sang several songs and sang in rounds under the direction of Father, “Ego sum pauper, Nihil habeo, Cor meum dabo”: I am poor, I have nothing, I give my heart…

Philomena translates Fr. Vaillant’s catechism lesson.
Rosa Mystica en prison

Bestowing of scapulars: “For true choir boys,” Fr. Vaillant told us, without irony.
Rosa Mystica en prison

Ego sum pauper . . . Like great lost children, they put their whole heart into this…and found it again!
Rosa Mystica en prison

An attitude of simplicity, respect, and piety. A brief but profound time of joy in the sad life of these poor people.