Consecration of the Rosa Mystica Mission to Our Lady

April 29, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019, after a long journey (20 hours of waiting at the Istanbul airport for our Moldovan friends, two to three days of door-to-door travel for some! ...), all the volunteers of the Rosa Mystica Mission met at General Santos City (Mindanao) for Sunday Mass. In the shadow of her great church, they have entrusted their mission to Our Lady, Rosa Mystica, who wrapped them in her blue mantle. That is how, perhaps naively, but in a very symbolic way, the painter of the fresco on the square wanted to represent the Mission.

The consecration to the Immaculate of all participants in this beautiful work—launched 13 years ago by Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickès—was the first act after Mass.

After meeting at the large gymnasium in the city of Polomolok, next door to General Santos, everyone followed the statue of Our Lady in procession, with the Mayor at the head, through the neighboring streets teeming with people, noises, and activity. Many passers-by stopped and greeted Our Lady or signed themselves. The participation in the Mission of the municipal authorities and local associations astonishes our Western minds accustomed to secular, compulsory “neutrality”...

Armed with these spiritual graces, the volunteers will be able, tomorrow after a well-deserved rest, to welcome the poor and the sick to offer them, with the greatest generosity possible, the care and compassion they are owed.

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