Boys' Summer Camp UK Without Camping

July 04, 2020
Source: District of Great Britain

Dear Parents,

Sadly, due to current Covid measures, etc. we are unable to run our traditional summer camp for boys this year. However, we have designed a new camp formula. Please see the attached poster.

The new camp will be a DAY camp. Children will be picked up and dropped off each day. Camping is not allowed, and would have been impossible to organise with all the social distancing measures that have to be maintained. 

Unfortunately, a day camp eliminates families who are not local. We are very sorry for this, but it is the best we can do. 

For those of you who have paid for the camp in advance, please email so that we can arrange full reimbursement. 

With kind regards and many regrets,


Rev. Bernard Bevan
Camp Organizer


PS For those of you who have already enrolled your children and who plan to take advantage of this new formula, can I ask you to re-enrol? This will greatly simply administration management. 

PPS Please note that this camp qualifies as an off-site educational activity. You should be able to request school leave for your child if camp dates overlap with term time.