Boys' Summer Camp 13-21 July 2020

February 08, 2020
Source: District of Great Britain
Apply at [email protected]

13-21 July 2020 at Saint Michael’s School

Send email to [email protected] for link to online application form

Please note that this camp qualifies as an off-site educational activity. You should be able to request school leave for your child if camp dates overlap with term time. 


Dear Parents,

With fond memories of last year’s adventure and with the bright prospects of a new year, The SSPX 2020 Boys’ Camp is now open for your boys aged 8 to 14 from July 13th to 21st, at Saint Michael’s School.

I would like to insist on this point: Spread the word! Numbers have significantly dropped these last few years. In 2009, we were 27 boys. 10 years on, in 2019: 16 boys, almost half! The causes for such a drop can be discussed or disputed, but what is manifest is that we can double, if not triple last year’s number.

In practice, what can be done about it, dear parents? Here is the answer: Sign up your child and look out for other families with young children in your parish, in your broad family or even in your network of friends, and spread the word!

For those of your children who have already been on the summer camp and who are under 15: Come back this year! The more a child is bathed in a good catholic surrounding, the more he will crave for its benefits. One camp is not enough!

9 days can change a lifetime! 9 days in a Catholic atmosphere of friendship, games, activities, and prayers leave none indifferent. Needless to mention the great spiritual benefits. A summer camp is a cherished opportunity for God to bestow supernatural graces on your children, through mass, confession, communion and rosary. Let us never forget our duty when it comes to their salvation.

Campfires, team-games, outdoor sports, catechism lessons, quizzes and a day out! Don’t miss out!

Please be assured of my prayers in Christo Rege,


Bernard Bevan

Camp organiser