Next Enrolment into the Militia Immaculatae at St. Anne's in Leicester

May 13, 2018
St. Anne's Abingdon Road, Leicester LE2 1HA

 On Sunday May 13th 2018 after the 5.30pm Mass, Fr. Robert Brucciani (District Superior for District GB & Scandinavia) is planning to hold an Enrolment Ceremony into the Militia Immaculatae  of the Traditional Order for Catholics who have made their First Holy Communion. There are no subscriptions, or meetings to attend, but all Knights of the M.I. share the common aim of seeking to win souls for Jesus through Mary.  Supplies of pre-blessed Miraculous Medals, and of informative leaflets, are available at the M.I. Corners (donations towards costs are always most welcome) in those chapels where the M.I. is established and these should be given out by Knights whenever an opportunity presents itself.  Few people refuse to accept a free gift.  These resources can become the channels through which the Immaculata's graces flow and thereby how more souls are won. 

Apart from winning souls, Knights can also sign up for the M.I. Prayer Crusade whereby they pray for each others' intentions and can submit their own intentions, and they can also sign up to the M.I. 2 — Mission for Russia which is an apostolate within the M.I. for the Consecration of Russia. Details can be found on the M.I. web page highlighted below.

Much more background information is available on the M.I. web page on the SSPX web site.  Directions for finding St. Anne's chapel in Leicester are contained in this link.

Satan and his wicked spirits seem to be having a field day through the worldly attractions of today and that is why it is so important to have a Militia under the Generalship of the Immaculata to fight back.