Minor orders for Mr. David Seeber

March 17, 2018
Seminary of St. Pius X, Ecône, Switzerland

Mr. David Seeber, seminarian at Ecône, will receive the second minor orders of exorcist and acolyte in the course of the ceremonies of the Mass of "Sitientes" at the Seminary of St. Pius X, Ecône. Please pray that he is well prepared for these two steps closer to the priesthood of the New Testament.

EXORCIST: The Exorcistate is the third minor order; it gives the seminarian the power to cast out demons; it is a real power and is usually only exercised during the administration of the sacrament of Baptism. Only a priest with explicit permission from his Bishop can perform a solemn exorcism of a possessed soul. During the ceremony, the seminarian touches the ritual presented to him by the Bishop.

ACOLYTE: The Acolytate is the fourth and highest of the minor orders. In the ordination ceremony the Bishop presents the candidate with a candlestick and unlit candle which he touches with his thumb and index finger respectively while the bishop says, “Receive the candlestick and candle and know that it is your duty to light the lights of the church in the name of the Lord”. The candidate is then presented with an empty cruet to touch while the Bishop says, “Receive the cruet, to minister wine and water for the Eucharist of the Blood of Christ, in the name of the Lord.”

In recent times, because few parishes have any ordained acolytes to serve at the altar, laymen are allowed to take their place.