Chartres Pilgrimage - 2 weeks left to book a place

April 30, 2016
St. Nicolas-de-Chardonnet, Paris

This is a reminder about the Chartres Pilgrimage which takes place one fortnight from today, with assembly at St. Nicholas-de-Chardonnet, Paris at 6.00pm on the 13th of May.

1)  If interested, notify Fr. R. Brucciani at @ (to have an idea of numbers).
2)  Meet at St. Nicolas-de-Chardonnet, Paris at 6pm on Friday 13th May. Meal in restaurant. Stay the night in the crypt (we usually get permission).
3)  Take the Pilgrimage Special train from Montparnasse to Chartres early on Saturday (6am?). Walk, pray, receive the sacraments, sing, eat baguettes, drink red wine, suffer together. Forecast: sunshine and blue skies as usual.
4)  Return tired but elated on Monday 16th evening.
5)  Everyone buys their own tickets and pays their own expenses.