Faithful Departed

In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum. Redemisti me Domine, Deus veritatis.



Of your charity, please pray for the souls of:

  • Mr Geoff Townshend of Glusburn, Yorkshire, who died on Wednesday 10 April 2024. The Funeral Requiem Mass will take place on Friday 26 April 2024 at Our Lady of Victories' Church, East Cliff, Preston, PR1 3JH, at 12 noon, followed by the burial in the graveyard of Saint Thomas' Church, Sutton-in-Craven, BD20 7JS, at 2.30pm. May he rest in peace.
  • Mr Peter Coupe of Mochdre who died on Tuesday 9 April 2024.
  • Miss Christine Hayward of Rottingdean who passed away on 23 March fortified by the Last Sacraments. May she rest in peace.
  • Mr David Bryson of Whitstable in Kent who passed away on 16 March. May he rest in peace.
  • Mr Dennis Kenny of Norwich who died in January.
  • Diane Rose Miller of London who passed away on 24 January 2024.
  • Mr David Bentley of Bingley, Yorkshire, who died on Monday 22 January 2024.
  • Mrs Rita Kafel of Colwyn Bay, North Wales, who died on Wednesday 17 January 2024. May she rest in peace.
  • Mrs Noreen Toon, the dearly beloved wife of Howard Toon of the Militia Immaculata, who passed away peacefully in her sleep in hospital on Tuesday 19 December 2023 at the age of 93 having been fortified by the rites of Holy Mother Church. May she rest in peace.


De Profundis (Psalm 129)

A prayer of a sinner, trusting in the mercies of God. The sixth penitential psalm.

Out of the depths I have cried to thee, O Lord:
Lord, hear my voice. Let thy ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication.
If thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities: Lord, who shall endure it.
For with thee there is merciful forgiveness: and by reason of thy law, I have waited for thee, O Lord.
My soul hath relied on his word: my soul hath hoped in the Lord.
From the morning watch even until night, let Israel hope in the Lord.
Because with the Lord there is mercy: and with him plentiful redemption.
And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.

Eternal rest grant unto to them, O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace.

℣. Lord, hear my prayer.
℟. And let my cry come unto Thee.

Let us pray.
O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful; grant to the souls of Thy servants departed the remission of all their sins, that by our devout supplications they may obtain that pardon which they have always desired. Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.

℣. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
℟. And let perpetual light shine upon them.
℣. May they rest in peace.
℟. Amen.



And for the souls of all the faithful departed:

January Rev. Fr. Bernard Enright, Rev. Fr. Urban Snyder, Rev. Fr. Arthur Amy, Rev. Fr. John Coulson, Rev. Fr. Eldred Leslie, Andrew Baker, T. Hillier, Hugh Ross-Williamson, Sister Dermot, Adela Wright, Patrick Vinton, I. Pharoah-Band, Arthur Scannell, Eugene Merano, Bernard Gilbert, Arthur Somerford, Violet Shea, P. Hoskisson, Eric Smith, Frank Pike, Fiona Ward, Christopher Sullivan, Alan Coe, Joan Southwell, Veronica Adams, Eliza Danilo, Eileen Adams, Florence Adams, Dr. John Hamerton, Dr. Peter Hall, James Kenney, Mary Coey, John Yates, Teresa Power, Elizabeth Bannerman-McGregor, Harold England, Agnes McLaughlin, Cecily Stanley-Clarke, Rose Spruce, Reginald Thomas, Dora Dombre, James Jackson, David Green, Graham Lenthall, Winifred Bryan, Rose Davis, Margaret Brucciani, Elsie Bavington, Mr. Sullivan, Henry Brett, Rita Embray, Richard Mirn, Hilda Hansing, Mary McEnery, Wilhelmina Wingerden, Margaret Coupe, Margaret Harries, Isabel Murdoch, Jean Cunningham, Doris Breddy, Franciszek Trembalowicz, Gladys Bird, Andrew Tannahill, Gerard Oxley, Ernest Duus-Jensen, Francis Adams, Stella Collier, Chase Harrison, Audrey Krynski, Stephen Johnson, Richard Neville, Mary Black, Roland Cumberbatch, Anne Marie Firth, Maurice Flynn, Stephen Weetman, Gertrude Hill, Philomena Thompson, Ruth Ward, James Byrne, Dorothy Callaghan, Constance Cordwell, Vera Cosgrove, Sydney Fenton, Patricia Venn, Mary McLaughlin, Amy Warner, Veronica Crisp, Carmen Whitworth, Connie Scruton, Rosa Patricia Hall, Alexander Kelly, Joseph Lee, Paddy Campbell, Monica Wright, Maria Dean, Brian Eustace, Isobel Gaggero, Joan Howarth, Norman Jenkins, Augustine Okereafor, Muriel Fleming, Hazel Sime, William Bailey, Marjorie Plume, Anelia Carnoustie, Thomas Blundell, Francis Strimatis, Frank Williams, Joseph di Guiseppe, Robin Pannell, Clement Charlery, John Blackshaw, Helena Brown, Heather Gierak, Francis McElwaine, Alice Pratt, Sarah (Sadie) Quinn. Charles Kennedy, Maureen Burrows, Michael Evelyn Turner, William Jackson, Edna Neesam, Clare Marie Officer, Ivy Scaife, Veronica Spender, Oliver Ibeamuchem, Rosina Perry, Clarice Stansfield, Michael James ap John, Editha Thomas, Zita Martinez, Jovita Covy, Derek Turner, Marianne Alcindor, Esmé Morris, Nancy Bentley, Annette Thornton, Rita Kafel, David Bentley, Diane Rose Miller, Dennis Kenny
February Rev. Fr. Henry Rope, Rev. Fr. Edward Wright, Rev. Fr. Guy Bouvier, Rev. Fr. John Brady, Br. Alban Michael, F.M; Vera Lux, Helen Scott, Dennis Hazell, Jane Dickie, Kate Barford, Mary Healy, Harold Forteath, Mary Connolly, William Sims, Gwendoline Shields, Kathleen Donovan, T. McTigue, Frederick Tomlinson, Joan Ferguson, Caroline Laurie, John Johnson, Evelyn Tree, Emily Malley, Eugene Howson, Peter Ward, Ethel McCarthy, Phyllis Thomas, Claude Head, Margaret Kerichard, Margaret Daly, Dorothy Yates, Emmie Titley, Helen Ferguson, Mary Leetch, Austin Yates, John Leetch, Edith Jerey, Margaret Ashby, Monica Hall, Miss M Gatenby, Anthony Townsend, Olive Booth, Robert McAllister, Tadeusz Turek, Molly Price, Joseph Brown, Simone Macklow-Smith, Stephen Conyngham, Paul Armstrong, Ernesto Criscouli, Eileen Mungovin, Marion Spring, Josephine Conlon, Hugh Byrnes, Pamela Frith, Agnes Leyden, Gemma Francis, Phyllis Western-Pick, Michael Yates, Joseph Reader, Margaret Connolly, Marjorie Tomlinson, Dorothy Rust, Eleanor Evans, Edward Black, Phyllis Brooker, Edna Proctor, Annie Kenny, Monica Hunter, Ruby Dolden, Edward Ryan, Dorothy Sheridan, David Read, Vivien Drummond, Joan Gordon-Thompson, Philip England, Dominique Beschizza, Cyril Benedict, Joseph Tipping, Paddy Campbell, Hilda Lovelace, James McClaerty, Eileen Clarke, Ruth Croxted, Theresa Singleton, James O’Donoghue, Jim Collins, Peter Lyons, John Marshall, Mary Agnes Adams, Lionel Rice, Stephanie Hill, Rita Campbell, Margaret Rowling, Eamonn Short, Muriel Fenn, Graeme le Monier, Anne Read, John Clague, Stephen & Joyce Power, Molita Hale, James Shallcross, Patrick Halligan, Marion O’Grady, Peter Forrestier-Smith, John Middlehurst, Brian Martelli, Edward Atkinson, George Nicholson, Angela Straughair, Yvonne Goodridge, Patricia Hardwicke, Jessie Ryan, Charles Kerr
March ARCHBISHOP MARCEL LEFEBVRE, Father Jeremiah Donovan, Father Augustine Cummins, C.S.S.R, Father Guy Bouvier, Father Geoff Hilton, Cyril Empson, E. Watkins, Mrs. P. Fooks, Helen Guy, Robert Malcolm, Roy Hawkins, Bernard Kenworthy-Browne, Hannah Prior, Mrs. O’Farrell, Michel Flaherty, Joseph Pacholack, William Thomas, Henry Vaughan, Mrs W. Thomas, Dr. Mather, Mary Osborne, Hubert Lewis, Mary Jones, Rosa Garrett, Colonel McSweeney, Bessie I’Anson, Leonard Hurst, Maxwell McGrath, Mollie Redmond, Guy Stanhope-Pearce, Norah Firth, Mary Kelleher, Florence Bradley, Lilian Baker, Veronica Salisbury, Leonard Costello, Betty Cullen, Charles Allison, Thomas Leetch, Elizabeth Rowbury, James McMullen, Walter Hunt, Richard FitzMullen, Andrew Martin, Constance Clarke, Teresa Brown, Bridget Sullivan, George Shea, Francis Buckingham, Valerie Pollard, Veronica Brucciani, Maisie Woodward, Charles Tannant, Hugh Forshaw, Cyril Begley, William Vinton, Agnes Callaghan, Valentina Libietis, Janet Wheildon, Bridget Duffy, Mary Mulligan, Teresa Welch, James Boyle, Thomas Parker, Joseph Drury, Eric Morley, Evelyn Cundy, Frank Wilkin, Ruth Carbery, Robert Wood, Carmen McAsey, Sister Moira, Josephine Richardson, John Joseph Barry, Marcia Thompson, Margaret Pennicott, Peter D. E. Budden, James O’Hare, Madeleine Primavesi, Dorothy Hardern, Martin Martinez Snr; Joan Sullivan, Kathleen Bryce, Rose Brannan, Edward Smith, Donald Halliday, Diana Palmer, Louis Brophy, Amey Davies, Edward Wiggins, Frederick Neesam, Catherine Connaughton, Edna Hartley, Margaret Taylor, Jeanne Cuttell, Mary Agnes Adams, Vincent Baker, Francis Fernhead, Virginia Nathan-Ciacci, Margaret Rowling, Monica Kemp, Francis Thomas Cooper, Francis Green, Graeme Le Monier, Michael Osborne, Joan Evelyn Procter, Frank Critchley, Hilda Jackson, Truda Kendrick, John Ulna, Irene McNicholas, Norah Dalgliesh, Marc Mac Brádaigh, Marisa Valori, Donald Edwards, William Roberts, Josephine Barrell, Sheila Burger, Ruth McQuillan, Archie McQuater
April BISHOP ANTONIO DE CASTRO MAYER; Fr. Anthony Chadwick, Fr. Hugh Thwaites, Alma Keily, Mrs. M. Gilbert, Teresa Kenefeck, Cyril Prescott, Margaret Tutt, Robert Carr, Jessie Nevard, Freda Walton, John Silk, John Clitheroe, Gwen Hartley, John McKimmie, Agnes Kay, Katherine Husain, Margaret Restieaux, Claude Couldery, Sudney Kay, Jane Ogden, Mary Judge, Mrs. M. McCarthy, Elizabeth Boyle, Patrick Carpenter, Veronica McCauley, Ida McNello, Josephine Lawlor, Henry Towers, Margaret Rennie, Gertrude M. Yates, Wilfred Dean, Kathleen Buckland, Norah Taylor, Elizabeth Martin, Joseph Boyle, Basil Lewis, Nina Lynch, Mary Perry, Mary Keily, Maria Stigell, Muriel Smith, Mary Carnoustie, Pamela Kenward, Cecilia Gill, Margaret Brierley, Lady Denham, Catherine Skelton, Mary McDonald, Ellen Stew- art, Robert Hughes, Mervyn Goonesekera, Joan Gac, John Lane, Esther McGlame, Geoffrey Nutter, Michael John Dowey, Dorothy Marshall, William Gerrard-Crosby, Margaret Evans, Pamela Macdonald, Alan Green, James Brennan, Kenneth Collett, Bridgetta Johnson, Joseph Bryce, Albert Pollard, Barbara Mortimer, Werner Andersson, Eileen Ladnor, Dorothy Mungovin, Lynn Clarke, Edward Hales, Kathleen Simmons, Hugh Budden, Conception Traynor, Margaret Bradley, Francesco Vericonte, William Henry Riley, Margaret Laurie, Mary Patricia Mackay, Theresa Ogden, Rachel Turnedge, Geraldine Weir, Kenneth Parkinson Mary Bristow, Byron Harries, John Clague, John Wood, Cyril Pettitt, Anne Patricia Dougal, Cathleen Allen, Ursula Carr, John Cunnington, Louis Fisher, Jessica Vickers, Peter Baldwin, Ronald Warwick, Maria Williams, Anne Knott, Henry Fraser, Joan Harrison, Sheila Biggs, Pauline Edwards, Catherine Taylor, Gerard Pearce, Winifred Middlehurst, Arthur Randell-Hoile, Patricia Pass, Mary Radford, Robert McCaigue, Alice McLellan, Donata Zachariadis, Celia Rynn
May Father Francis Yates, Mary Cahill, Irene Adams, Muriel Bailey, Gladys Harvey, Mary Moat, Tadeusz Czaykowski, Francis Wood, Dennis Adams, George Smith, Mrs Warner, Mary Butler, John Callahan, Dennis Trainer, Leroy Joseph Perry, Margaret Robinson, D. Fitzpatrick, Hazael Young, James Shipstone, Marguerite Rogers, Dorothy Alison, Louis Kelly, Veronique Decembre, Philip Lyons, Phyllis Balcombe, Josephine Kelly, Alice Procter, Mary Sampson, Barbara Leggatt, Edith Housing, Raymond McGregor, Edwin Lloyd, Angela Watson, Ruth Brawn, Joy Douglas, Madeleine Bramble-Green, Florence Sheehan, Donald Lowdell, Michael Welch, Alban Russell, Sheila Sloan, Marie Belcher-Truss, Margaret Byrne, Margaret Gillespie, Desmond Singleton, Joseph Keegan, Robert Penfold, Jean Calder-Smith, Martin Mongan, Michael Groves, Professor A. Cave, David Rowland, William Morgan, Mary Wood, Josephine Shorten, Winifred Hales, Bernard Whalley, Rose Wilson, Katherine Campion-Kirkwood, Alice Hughes, Dr Brian Quigley, Philip Roche, Dorothy McDonald, John O’Grady, Vivian Lardeaux, Patrick Daly, Eileen Morley, Rita W.Budden, Helen Wood., Ian Preece, Geoffrey Crisp, Francis Cowan, Geraldine Weir, Arlene King, Michael Evelyn Turner, Frank Dusting, Margaret Taylor, Carol Thompson, John Wyndham Murray, Dilys Anne Morris, Mary Morris, Maragret Slowey, Frances Calcutt, Jon Peter Wiselgren, Margaret Mayes , John Tyson, George Manser, Bernard Williams, Bernadette Edwards, Patricia Turnball, Elizabeth Brown, John Roberts
June Dom. Robert Mary Biddulph, Michael May, Dante Spear, Elsie Burt, Mayne Mellersh, John Mathews, Winifred Hill, Margaret Connett, Mary Fallon, James Blunt, Mr. Maieta, Jane Rossiter, John Smith, John Humphery, Ivy Spencer, Winifrede Bolton, Olivia Poulton, Gabrielle Gregory, Margaret Wynne, Mrs. P.V. Drew, Bridget Reynolds, Charles Embray, Rose Sullivan, Hugh Campbell, Mary Heathcote, Joyce Umfreville, Naomi Verne, John Robinson, Kit Freeman, Catherine O’Donnell, Edith Shepherd, Mary Wright, Rita Doyle, Daniel Bouchard, Desdemona Bartlett, Charles Turner, Egons Libietis, Mary Hobbs, Patricia Brooker, Harold Dunkinson, Elizabeth Atkins, Mary Tweedie, Lionel Doggett, Valerie Hanssens, Fred Barnes, Cecily Cumberbatch, Derek and Eva New, Muriel Smith, Mary Carnoustie, Delia Hassell, Peter Ward, Marjorie Salisbury, Kay Stavris, Grace Anderson, Alexander Ramnante, John Dowey, Miss L. Restieaux, Ken Cooper, Michael John Anselm-Bransby, Margaret Forteath, Hugh Ignatius-Quigley, Donald Humphrey, Edith Vaughan, Elizabeth Dowey, Joan Parton, Josephine Frances Clarke, Richard Steele, Colin Roderick Davies, Jack Thorpe, Jessie Igoe,  Thomas McDermott, A.E. Welsh, Mary Morris, David Clifton, Raymond White, Philip Cookson, Paul de Remusat, Joyce Cleverly, Robin Whatley, Finbarr Buckley, Catherine Gordon. Ida Joan White, Olive Lomas, Margaret Scouler, Mireya Fletcher, Margaret Lott, Roderick Kearney, Teresa Halligan, John Mackay, Margaret Ballard, Frank Williams, Anthony Maguire, David Oxley, Marguerite Finn, Maureen Atusiaka, Geoffrey Morris, Betty Martin
July Father Basil Wrighton, Father Oswald Baker, Edith Knott, Walace Watts, John Adams, Frank McNally, Stella Booth, Lily Beswick, Marie Patterson, Mary Shakespeare, Mary Mooney, Robert Kemp, Elizabeth Landon, Miss J Beauvoisin, George Moorat, Gregory McDonald, Gertrude Dougal, Luis Parfitt-Spencer, Anne Callaghan, Vera Forder, Thomas Rigby, Elizabeth Pfaff, Alfred Bransby, John Hurrell, Derek Colley, Francis Mooney, Patrick O‘Connor, Raymond Griffiths, John and Joy Deegan, Dorothy Reid, Ada Mary George, Veronica Anderton-Webster, Niall Maddock, Josephine Ryan, Lillian Bentley, Patience Baldwin Thrower, Rita Callaghan, Mary Fitzgerald-Fox, Paul Vigoureux, Sheila Shepherd, Karol Bettany, Godfrey Gilbert, Ellen Cranstone, Isobel Yates, Anna Trapani, Joseph Kibbey, Roy Warner, Mary Ainsworth, Nora Docherty, Jean Johnstone, Alfonsus Valori, Mary Stukis, Francis Pangrazi, Constance Hardera, Bernard Prescott, Elizabeth Whiteford, Joseph Mate, Margaret Kingon-Rouse, Catherine Ruth Grizell, Belinda O’Connor, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Barbara Dowey, Florence Scaife, Iris Chambers, John Bristow, John Boyle, Valerie Potkins, Aidan Fanning, Maurice Marshall, Brendan Collins, Kenneth Archer, Charles Kennedy, Zadislaw Siemaszko, John Barbour, Rita Cunningham, Edward Stratton, Sylvina Subdi, Anthony Higgins, Anne Busby, Ray Woolfe, Peter King, John Bishop, Peter Mercer, Jenny Burke, Mavis Kelly, Chris Mansley, Madge Bailey, Ellen McLeod, Gregor von der Heyde, Teresa Nicholson
August Father Louis Coache, Father Michael Cresswell, Brother Joseph C.S.S.R., William Roser, Mrs Young-Bateman, Lucy Cheffers, Moira Campbell, Adolphine Rhead, Patricia Grimer, Mrs Maxwell, Irene Marshall, Mary Clarihew, Joseph Bolton, Amy Lynch, Mrs Mather, Joseph McAsey, John Galloway, Angela Cookson, Winifred Kenny, Nora Walsh, Catherine Livesey, Irene Bowman, Nora O’Brien, May Wood, Mary Davis, Winifred Conway, Elise Denning-Smitherman, May Holden, Geoffrey Backus, Francesco Trapani, James Havelock-Walker, Lilian Nicholson, James Glynn, Margaret Saunders, Reginald Hill, Anne Teresa Callaghan, North McIntyre, Sheila Tree, Mary Malloy, John Francis Corcoran, Mary Anne Tibbott, Theresa Couldery, Mary Maguire, Josephine Boyle, Mr H Farnworth, Aileen Grossmith, Cecil Russell, Winifred Walmesley, Vivian Tristram, Kathleen Baker, Edward Marchant, Rita McCarthy, Reginald Chapman, Anthony Codd, Catherine Derham, Mary Ellen Holland, Michael O’Connor, Xavier Craig, Daniel Daly, Douglas Campbell, Richard Holden, Joan Goodbam, George Campbell, Mary Proctor-Blagden, Doris Curwen, Tony Foster, Mary Griffin, Doreen Hurst, Anthony McLane, Kathleen Millington, Jane Philipps, Mary O’Hare, Jean Marie Szimjonka, Audrey Bocar, Arthur Whieldon, Mary Prendergast, Robert Allen, Anthony Beswick, Mary Tudor, Ralph Cowan, Peter Denning-Smitherman, Kathleen O’Brien, John O’Connor, Albert Edwards, Bryan Phipps, Cynthia Bettany, John McCarthy, Mary Mills, Brian Codd, Susan Burley, Rita Shallcross, Jackie Bates, Michael Whitmarsh-Everiss, Margery Delafield, Jane Southgate, Maureen Donnelly, Peter Barry, Josephine Crosby, Iris O’Leary, Henry Connor, Elizabeth Mac Brádaigh, Rita Rowan, Ursula Collins, Johanna Plumridge, Frank Murphy, Helen Cunningham, Rosaleen Dusting, Mary Culhane, Mildred Mercer, Philip Kafel, Jennifer Newton, Beryl Wright, Jean Fesq, Bob Hazell, Geoffrey Mocatta, Colin McPherson
September Father Gordon Bancks, Father George Grime, Father Peter Lessiter, Dominic Capaldi, Gilbert May, Donald Meacham, Helen O’Brien, Marjorie Beethome, Eileen O’Brien, Joseph Hunt, Joan Scorcher, Leslie Belton, Gerard McDonough, Eunice Spender, C.W. Warburton, Helena Henderson, Bernadette Keenan, Josephine Mary Hall, Michael Balfe, Daniel O’Connor, John Kemp, Charles Chandler, Diana Nelson, Nicholas Throck-Morton, Kathleen Pond, Philipa Reid, Frederick Smithson, David Edwards, Christine McLaughlin, Christina Farrell, Desmond Niall, Audrey du Rose, Anthony Allen, Hugh McGovern, Eileen Carroll, Ronald Henderson, Desmond Farrell, James Scott, Cecilia Cutler, Primitiva Teresa Baalam, Theodora Beigel, Lilian Charnley, Mary Christine Smithson, Renee Sergeant, Olive Netton, Norah Tipping, Dr. A. B. Culhane, Caroline Fauvelle, Kathleen Quigley, Malcolm Potter, Joseph Whittaker Coupe, Tina Fitzgibbon, Patricia Hackett, Mary McLane, Margaret Jenkins, Alice Ketterer, Frank Conyngham, Jamie Stuart, Stella Hook, Patrick Fahy, Reginald Schofield, Grant Roberts, Michael Joseph Grizzell, Louis Payne, Thomas Charles, John Cogle, Madeleine Ruck, Margaret Bradley, John McCarthy, Dr June Barclay, John Travelono, Phyllis Daly, Eve Foster, Mary Plume, Terry Johnson, Elizabeth Mansley, Teresa Horsley, Maureen Sinclair, Alastair Pugh, John O’Neill, Anton Spradbery, Geraldine Daly, Alexander Mayes, Brendan Crehan, David Hubball, Paul Daly, Philomena Brown, Lawrence Henry, Nina Birley, Evelyn Gilligan, Patrick Hughs
October Father Dennis Marchal, Brian Moran, Mary McLaughlin, W. Herron, Terence Fitzpatrick, James Collins, Douglas Horsford, Gladys White, Maurice Percival, Kathleen Butler, Peter Beigel, Patrick Bryan, Joseph Rawcliffe, William Irwin, Kathleen Vinton, Joan Bailey, Kathleen Breen, Tony Osborne, Constance Clark, Robert Leotard, Catherine McVeigh, James Mullaney, Victoria Parsons, Agnes Keating, Leonard Richardson, Kathleen Burgess, Mrs. Sim, Margaret Martin, Kevin Heaney, James Clarke, Aloysius Faupel, Patrick Ferguson, Cecilia Bevan, Basil Lott, Dorothy Vaughan, George Grossmith, Anthony Pratt, Glenise Kenny, Philip Douglas, Mary Salisbury, Kevin Boyle, William Garratt. Ralph Gill, Martin FitzGerald, Frances Black, Wallace Wears, Eric and Maria Kingston, Mary Knox, James Baldwin, Kathryn Groves, Peter Anyanwu, Hilda McNello, Winifred Cornwell, Mary Gaffney, Eric Hulm, Olive Emmeline Banks, Sister Carmela Pia, Mary Kibbey, Molly Hudson, Florence Duus-Jensen, Dorothea Meyerhof, Alan Wilson, Francis Gerrard Coombes, Mary Wearing, James Edward Jasper, Justin William Gilligan, Joan Scannell, Bernadette Hieron, Michael Fauvelle, Freda Angus, John Fesq, Vera Fossey, Margaret Brewster, John Charnley, Alma Keily, Gillian Bender, Arthur Wright, Alan Millington, Margaret Mary Clarembaux, Kitty Davies, Sister Marie Michelle, Redempta Mulhern, Marguerite Brett, Christopher Raymond Busby, Dora Wilson, Helga Gunther, Adrian Porwal, Elizabeth Mirfin, Michael McPake, Heather Gierak, Louis Ronchetti, Tony Spender, Susan Horton, Ursula Murphy, Irene Styles, Tom Taylor, Janette McPake, Kevin Harper-Penman, John Dunn, Dorothy Johnson, John Lineham, Anne Bardesley, Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Steven Fletcher, Margaret Townshend, William Rowan, Patrick Cairns
November Father Roland Gierak, Father Quentin Montgomery-Wright, Father Ronald de Poe Silk, Brian Cooper, Winifred Hartley , Marjorie Henderson, I.Jones, George Western-Pick, Peter Goodridge, Bernard Finbar-Cooke, Olive Silk, Imelda Carey, Elizabeth Coe, Catherine O’Sullivan, William Burns, Alexandra Flory, Martin Dunleavy, John Brosche, Joan Southwell, Stanley Maloney, Kathleen Pitt, Marguerite Lane, John Fallon, Joyce Lambert, Edith Harris, Grace Evelyn Budden, John Barnicott, David Walter, Joseph Kearsey, Margaret Read, Dora Dombre, Rose Hazell, Alan Flawn, Mary Kilroy, Harry Hall, James Wood, Elizabeth Kennedy, Mary Ferris, Doreen Marchant, Mary Malcolm, James Callaghan, Agnes Morton, Jean Maclean-Kay, Dorothy Hall, Paul Oxley, Ronald Delafield, James Mitchell, Thomas Maxwell, Muriel Hayward, Mary-Frances Floyd, Lilian Cockeram, Joan Goodbarn, George Campbell, Douglas Campbell, Richard Holden, Lilian Charnley, James Driscoll, Nancy Barry, John Slaughter, Shirley Bourke-Cockram, James Kentigern-McCamley, John Morris, Wilfred Warrington, Sister Rose Ettrilard, David Smith, Ann Jubb, John Morton, Jeffrey Wiggins, Doris Mulville. Edward Jones, Ernest Philip Hooper, Irene Moulin, Brian Lloyd, Ellen Keon, Lawrence Miller, Gerard Regan, John Taylor, Joan Mary Ryan., Marietta Serrato, Joseph Carroll, Alice Pratt, Helena Brown, L.Green, Tony Spender, Brian Withams, Rose Withams, John Travaloni, Peter Hardwick, Penny Thompson, Joan Bransby, Kirsten Bennett, Frederick Davis, Valerie Hays-Essen, Marion O’Grady, Michael Macdonald, Francis Morris, Teresa Vericonte, Theresa Watt, Patricia Jepson, John Walsh, Peter Roberts, Yvonne Therese Clifton
December Father Stephen Rigby, Father Joseph Mizzi, Father Michael Crowdy, Emily Louis, Gemma Eddowes, Laura Yeoman, Miss O’Shea, John Warrington, Maria Salmon, Cyril Pennicott, Katherine Whelan, Joan Golby, Leonard Adams, Margaret McEwan, Elizabeth Vale, Geoffrey Forshaw, Robert Doyle, Krystina Czaykowska, Dominic de Turville, John Harvey, Ena Hall, Kathleen O’Dell, Richard Hemelryk, Francis Lewey, Alice Pitt, James Worrall, Kathleen Stowall, Anthony Miller, Charles Ashby, John Robinson-Dow, Josephine Nicholls, Henry Day, Nadege Baco, David Sudlow, James Sheehan, Marion Spring, Sylvia Hoepler van Hermingen, Teresa Mary Neale, Kathleen Baker, Mary Hammersly, Charles Sturton-Davies, Margaret Kenworthy-Browne, Kevin Kendrick, Beryl Daly, Vere Harvey Brain, Lesley Dougal, John Morris, Francis Donovan, Patricia Baxter, James Tymon, Benedicta Gray, Frank Hughes, Valentine Braun, Aloisia Rakowitsch, Charles Harris, Eileen Giles, Peter Osborne, Alfred Taylor, Kathleen Burbidge, Roy Morris, David Hook, Mary Blackshaw, Gertrude Jarmulowicz, Ellen Schofield, Norah Watson, Patricia Rubenstein, Henry Ainsworth, John Morton, Doreen Stanton, Kevin McVey, Pauline McNamara, Norah Boughton, Gloria Blake-Mahon, Doreen Driscoll, Andrew Lewey, George Hackett, Joan Dunkinson, Wanda Dean, Maisie Wright, Donald Creighton, Fred Lardeaux, Irene Parkinson, Elizabeth Mirfin, Monica Seeber, Ian Gillis, John Squire, Diana Squire, Maureen Burrows, Edwina Black, Ann Floyd, Pauline Rhead, Maureen Firth, Grace Penna, Elizabeth Ross Williamson, Sandra Roberts, Primitivo Carbungco, Teresa McCarthy, Elizabeth King, John Williams, Janek Brzoza, Donatus Ihenagwa, Winifred Anderson, Stephanie Coley, Keith Foster, Claude Lawrence, Jay Martin Allen, Edward Liffey, Alan King, Patricia Boyle, Joseph Floyd, Victor Moles, Wieslaw Kaczmarski, Pauline Richards, Louise Gilchrist, Noreen Toon


Devotion to the Holy Souls