District House

The Society of St. Pius X is divided into Districts and fledgling Districts (called Autonomous Houses) throughout the world. There are a total of 14 Districts and 3 Autonomous Houses at present. The District House of a District is the usual residence of the District Superior.


St. George's House

125 Arthur Road

London SW19 7DR

+44 (0)208 946 7916

[email protected]

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Resident Priests

Rev. Fr. Robert Brucciani (District Superior)

Rev. Fr. Håkan Lindström (District Bursar)

Rev. Fr. Francis Ockerse (District Secretary)

Rev. Fr. Matthew Clifton (District Assistant)


The priests of St. George's House Priory serve thirteen chapels spread across the southeast of England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Jersey. They also give catechetical instruction, visit the sick and elderly, convene a philosophical study group, publish the District Newsletter alongside the administration of the District. They are rather busy, but hopefully in a way that saves the greatest number of souls.