Rev. Robert Brucciani

The Deaconate is the second of the major orders, but is the first order which is a part of sacrament of Holy Orders. It leaves an indelible mark upon the soul of the ordinand and obliges him to fulfil his duties of reading the Gospel, preaching, assisting the priest at the Holy Sacrifice, distributing Holy Communion and even administering the sacrament of baptism on particular occasions. After the epistle of the ordination Mass, the bishop is requested by the archdeacon on behalf of the Church to ordain the candidates. The bishop then ceremonially inquires as to the worthiness of the candidates and then consults the people, asking if there be any reason why any of the candidates might not be ordained. If there are none, the order is conferred by the Imposition of Hands followed by the words:

Send forth, we beseech Thee O Lord, the Holy Ghost that they might be strengthened by Him, through the gift of Thy sevenfold grace, unto the faithful discharge of Thy service.

Each new deacon is then invested with the insignia of his office: a stole (symbolising the sweet yolk of God’s law) and a dalmatic (symbolising joy and justice). He then touches the Evangelium and receives the power to read the Gospel.

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