Channels of Grace

Mr. Howard Toon

Dear Knight of the Militia Immaculatae,

19 June marks the first anniversary of the launch of the Militia Immaculatae (MI) in the District of Great Britain and Scandinavia.

Most of the early enrolments were from among the faithful attending their usual Masses in the Society Mass Centres, but now there are enrolments from among Catholics who have been drawn to the MI by the apostolate of those Knights who have handed out flyers and Miraculous Medals obtained from their devoted local co-ordinators at the Militia Immaculata Corners in their chapels.

There are now just under 600 members in the District. In his booklet Consecration to the Immaculata, MI Director Fr. Karl Stehlin gently reminds us, “You are a real Knight of the Immaculata only if you endeavour to make those around you interested and passionate about her, and draw them to her.” Do please pick up a few flyers and Miraculous Medals from your local co-ordinator at your next Mass, and give them out to relatives (especially adolescents), friends and workplace colleagues, and wherever an opportunity presents itself.

If you do this, you will open a channel through which the Immaculata’s graces can flow to win more souls for Christ. She will surely help you and you might be surprised at how easy it is to show your love for Our Lady in this way. In respect of opening channels of grace, the online bookshop opened this week where you can purchase books on the Immaculata and on Fatima with debit/credit cards or Paypal. The “Consecration” booklet mentioned above is amongst the titles on offer. P&P is a flat £2.95 whether you order one book or several but postal dispatches are restricted to GB Post Codes.

May the Immaculata bless you all and strengthen you in your zeal for recruiting more Knights.

God bless the work.

Howard Toon

District Co-ordinator for the MI

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