Catechism Correspondence Course of the Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sisters of the Society of St. Pius X in Browerville, Minnesota U.S.A. run a highly successful international Catechism Correspondence school. They have kindly agreed to work with the District of Great Britain so that ALL the children who frequent our chapels and any others who wish to apply may receive the best formation possible by enroling in the school.

Who is this for?

ALL CHILDREN (11–16) WHO WISH TO RECEIVE CONFIRMATION MUST ENROL unless they are pupils of St. Michael's School.


Enrolment is possible either by:

  • completing the webform below and making a payment of £15 (see the donate page)
  • or completing an enrolment form (pdf here or hardcopy at Mass Centres) and sending by email to [email protected] or by post to Society of St. Pius X, St. George's House, 125 Arthur Road, Wimbledon SW19 7DR with a payment of £15 (see donate page)

How it works

  • Once a child is enroled, and the Confirmation Registration form has been submitted to and signed by an SSPX priest, the parents will be sent a course with instructions and homework sheets.
  • Parents are expected to teach the course to their children. A homework sheet is to completed each week and is to be sent to the GB District Catechsim Secretary, Miss Monica Marshall at [email protected] who is the intermediary between the SSPX Sisters and the parents.
  • An SSPX Sister will correct the work and will personally correspond with the parents.
Previously enroled in OLFCC?
Is this application in view of Confirmation?
What to do next:

  1. send payment of £15 (see donate page)
  2. wait for your course to arrive by post
Course required

What to do next

  1. send payment of £15 (see donate page)
  2. wait for your course to arrive by post