Can I take the Covid-19 vaccine?

Rev. Robert Brucciani SSPX

Many faithful have asked for moral guidance in relation to the Covid-19 vaccines. There are many articles on the subject which give different answers or none at all. This article is an attempt to bring clarity and sound judgement to the question.

Can I take the Covid-19 vaccine if it is developed from aborted foetal cells?

With regards to the morality of receiving a vaccine developed from foetal cells, the Pontifical Academy for Life published a document in 2005 which concluded that in certain defined circumstances, it is morally permissible to receive a vaccine developed from foetal cells.

This conclusion may sound surprising and repellent and instinctively wrong, but the conclusions follow through from moral theological principles. All of the SSPX’s moral theologians agree.

The question in our present situation must consider (a) whether the certain defined circumstances exist and (b) the additional circumstances that are particular to the case.

Certain defined circumstances

The certain defined circumstances are summarised as follows:

  1. The illness is grave.
  2. There are no alternative vaccines.
  3. One has vigorously protested the use of aborted foetal cells.

Additional circumstances

The additional circumstances of the present situation may include:

Governments, media and multinational corporates are working hard to establish a fundamentally anti-Christian New World Order with the culture of death at its heart. The global imposition of an abortion-tainted vaccine is part of this work.

A rapid development of a vaccine increases the risk of adverse side-effects.

There may be onerous penalties imposed on those who refuse the vaccine such as dismissal from work or even the removal of children by the authorities.

Consideration of circumstances

Are the certain defined circumstances realised in the present situation?

  1. The illness is grave only for a small group.
  2. There are alternative vaccines, but they are not necessarily available to an individual.
  3. This is a personal obligation.

    With regards to the additional circumstances:

  4. Catholics should employ all reasonable means to avoid cooperating in the New World Order ‘s imposition of the culture of death.
  5. The risk of a rapidly deployed vaccine is real, but impossible yet to quantify.
  6. Penalties may well be imposed in the future, but not yet in the UK.


In light of these concrete circumstances, the vaccine developed from aborted foetal cells might be received without sin (a) by a member of the vulnerable group when no alternative vaccine is available and after protest; or (b) if the penalty for refusing the vaccine is so onerous as to threaten personal or family livelihood and after protest.

St. Alphonsus Liguori, Patron of moral theologians, pray for us.

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