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There are many ways in which the Faithful can assist at Mass and thereby join with the Priest in the offering of the Holy Sacrifice. Many people find that the use of a hand Missal, with text in Latin and English, helps them to avoid distraction and follow the Mass with understanding and devotion. This use of a hand Missal is a well-established practice: This page is designed to help those who wish to purchase a Missal for their devotional use.

General Information

New or Secondhand Editions - Traditional Missals can be obtained as either new or a second-hand editions and sources are provided below. Occasionally a book-supplier will advertise a stock of original Missals which have been discovered from storage; these are generally rare and supplies are usually extremely limited.

Date of Publication - Try to find a Missal published as close to 1962 as possible and certainly no later. An earlier publication date will not include additional feasts added to the Universal Calendar, or the revision of the Holy Week celebrations made in 1955. People considering buying a secondhand or reprinted edition should consider how much of a disadvantage not having these texts would be, especially if there is the possibility of attending the Holy Week ceremonies at a Church or Chapel using the revised liturgy (such as those of the Society of St Pius X). Avoid all Missals published on or after 1965, unless it is a modern re-print of a version published up to 1962.

Latin and English - Hand missals differ between how much of the texts are given in Latin and English. While most will have a bilingual texts of the Ordinary of the Mass placed side-by-side, the texts of the Proper Prayers (ie. the variable parts) may only be in English. Before making a purchase it is important to decide if it is important that you have all of the texts in both languages.

Daily, Sunday and Booklet Missals - Be clear whether the Missal you are considering contains texts for the entire year (Daily Missals) or just for Sundays and Major Feasts. Booklet 'Missals' will normally contain only the text of the Ordinary (ie. fixed) portions of the Mass. If you only need the Latin and English version of the Ordinary of the Mass, you will find a free printer-friendly version and of the Ordinary of the Mass and collection of some of the Proper Prayers on this website.

Bindings - Missals may be presented in real or imitation leather, vinyl or cloth-covered boards. If buying a secondhand Missal, make sure that the cover is not cracked or that the pages are firmly bound and not damaged by damp or over-use.

Which Missal to buy?

Popular versions of the Missal include:

The Roman Catholic Daily Missal Published in 2004 this is probably the most comprehensive Latin/English Missal ever produced, with 1,900 pages conforming to the Typical Edition of 1962. Latin and English throughout. The text is a completely reset edition of "The Ideal Missal" by Sylvester Juergens but with a brand new commentary.

The Saint Andrew Daily Missal by Dom Gaspar Lefebvre OSB - Texts in Latin and English throughout. Original edition published as single or four-volume sets. Modern reprints of this Missal are usually of the single volume 1952 edition.

The New Roman Missal by Father Lasance - Text in Latin and English. Original edition 1945. Modern Re-prints are available which include additional feasts from 1945 to the end of the Reign of Pope Pius XII.

The Saint Joseph Daily Missal Reprint of the 1953 edition, with the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin and English and the Proper Prayers in English.

The New Marian Missal for Daily Mass by Father Juergens - Ordinary in Latin and English. In the Propers of the Mass the Introit, Gradual, Tract, Offertory and Communion are in Latin and English, while the Collects, Epistle, Gospel and Secret and Postcommunion are in English only.

Buying a New (Unused) Missal

'New' Missals are are generally re-printed versions of Missals published from 1950 - 1965.

New Missals are available in the UK from: Carmel Books, PO Box 40, Wellington, Somerset TA21 9WZ, Telephone: 01823 664751.

For Internet orders, Angelus Press in the USA, carries a range of hand missals Missals.  New/Reprinted Missals available from Angelus Press.

(Making your purchase from Angelus Press supports the work of the Society of Saint Pius X).

Buying a Used (Secondhand) Missal

Used (ie. pre-owned) Missals can often be found in second-hand bookshops and antiquarian book-sellers. When purchasing, please see the general information, above.

Possibly the largest source of second-hand books available for order over the internet is Abebooks. The following links will take you to a list of books currently available for internet sale.

These links are provided for information only and may produce some books which aren't the item you were looking for. Please read the product descriptions on the Abebooks website carefully before making a purchase and read our disclaimer, below.

General Search for Traditional Latin Missals published up to 1962.

Search for "The Saint Andrew Daily Missal" (Dom Gaspar Lefebvre).

Search for "The New Roman Missal" (Father Lasance).

Search for "The New Marian Missal" (Father Juergens).

The Ideal Missal (Father Juergens)

General search for "Missale Romanum".

Disclaimer: The above links are provided for your information an do not indicate any association, approval or endorsement by the Society of Saint Pius X for Abebooks or any of the merchants selling stocks through the searches given above. The Society is unable to act on your behalf should you place an order using one of links provided in this section. Please check the description of the items listed carefully before placing an order.