District Magazine

The magazine is a district publication with articles centered around a common theme. See descriptions of our newest books and read topics such as spirituality, Christian culture, history, faith and morals, and news from Tradition written by various authors. 


Ite Missa Est 2018 January February

December 18, 2018
Ladder to heaven ♦ Inconceivable that the Chuch was mistaken for two millenia ♦ Treasures

Ite Missa Est 2018 November December

October 31, 2018
Treasure in mortal hands ♦ We are holding a treasure ♦ Tresaures of the liturgy : Advent & Christmas ♦ Short history of the Oxford Mass Centre

Ite Missa Est 2018 September October

August 31, 2018
First weeks at seminary ♦ Final Address of the General Chapter ♦ Founder's Spirit Conference ♦ Family Rosary ♦ St. Peter Claver

Ite Missa Est 2018 July August

June 27, 2018
Operation Survival ♦ Sermon of the Consecrations 1988 ♦ Letter to the Catholic Herald ♦ St. Mary Magdalene

Ite Misse Est 2018 May June

April 28, 2018
Dystopia ♦ Political Correctness ♦ Prayer for Missionaries ♦ St. Robert Bellarmine ♦ Books ♦ Regina Caeli

Letter to Brother Priests

March 17, 2018
Introduction to the Society of St. Pius X: Well known, yet so little known 

Ite Missa Est 2018 March April

February 22, 2018
Red wine of marriage ♦ Wine of Cana ♦ St.

Ite Missa Est 2018 January February

December 19, 2017
Child again ♦ Christlike Christmas ♦ Nativity mediatation ♦ St. Hilary of Poitiers ♦ Operation Philomena

Ite Missa Est 2017 November December

November 01, 2017
To whom shall we go? ♦ Role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the latter times ♦ Mass for the dead ♦ Waiting for daybreak ♦ St. Charles Borromeo

Ite Missa Est 2017 September October

August 30, 2017
Battle of the Immaculate Heart ♦ Sermon at Fatima ♦ Short History of Fatima ♦ How to pray the rosary ♦ St. Bridget